'Britain's Rudest Baby' Flips Mom Off From Inside The Womb

Jemma Houston called her baby the rudest baby in Britain after her daughter flipped her off in the womb.

21-year-old Jemma Houston is pregnant with her first child. She was very excited to be able to get to see her daughter in a 4D scan that was scheduled. Houston said that she hadn't seen her child's face yet because she was not cooperating. At the hospital you get two scans, one at 13 weeks and one at 20 weeks. However, at both of those scans she had to go back a second time because she kept on turning to the side so the techs were not getting what they wanted. Houston also said that she paid for a private scan at 16 weeks to figure out the gender but the baby kept it's legs closed and so then she actually had to go back for that scan as well. Jemma and her husband Chrissy said that they have had issues with every single one of her scans.

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Finally, when they went into go get their 4D scan they were hoping to see their daughter's face because they hadn't seen it yet due to her daughter being a diva. At the scan her daughter was "flicking her the Vs.' Houston thought it was hilarious when she saw that her daughter was flipping her off. Jemma said, "when I went for the 4D scan and saw her swearing, I just thought how typical! Every single scan I've had to go back because our little diva does not cooperate... but being told to f-off tops it off!"

The couple is very excited to be able to meet their sassy little girl. Their daughter is due on January 3 and they are ready to welcome her. The couple did admit that they are a bit nervous to become parents but they love her so much already. Jemma says that she has another scan soon but she doesn't really look forward to them because she never actually gets to see anything because her daughter is "always up to mischief." She is hoping that she will finally get to see her face this time!

Congratulations you guys on the cute little baby with some attitude!

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