British Medical Journal Has Stopped Promoting Ads For Baby Formula

The British Medical Journal has decided it will not longer publish advertisements from the baby formula industry.

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We all know the benefits of breast milk. Very few women will make the argument that breast milk is bad and that formula should always be the first option. However, everybody knows that feeding your baby is the best and sometimes that means that formula is the only option. Many women choose to use formula for their babies, or they are forced to due to health related reasons. Either way, we are all so blessed to have the wonderful option of formula. A baby needs to be fed whether it be by the breast, or the bottle. Just feed your baby!

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The British Medical Journal might get a lot of backlash for their most recent decision to drop the baby formula industry. They have decided that they will no longer be showing any advertisements that try to convince women to buy any baby formula products. The British Medical Journal was not afraid to make this decision against an industry worth of $70 billion that their main focus is to get women to not breastfeed and to use an artificial food.

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The British Medical Journal has decided to make this push and drop the baby formula industry, because they are trying to encourage more women to breastfeed their children. The UK has the lowest breastfeeding rates of any other equivalent nation.  By six months, only 34% of mothers are still nursing their babies. While almost 50% of mothers are still breastfeeding their babies at six months in the United States.

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The UK is trying to make an extreme push for women to start breastfeeding their babies more. Breastmilk should always be the first option and formula should always be an option if breastmilk isn't viable. Experts are saying the there are problems with formula and that formula is not perfect. It isn't specifically tailored to each baby like breastmilk. Experts are saying that formula companies can actually bend the existing rules and the industry can advertise that formula is equivalent to breastmilk which just isn't true. Formula can even be dangerous if mothers do not use proper sterile water, or if they try to water down the breastmilk. Some children have died if the water measurements are wrong. The British Medical Journal is not the only one trying to push against baby formula industries. The UK’s Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) to stop accepting financial contributions from the baby formula industry.

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