Britney Spears Has Cryptic Response To Allegations Her Dad Abused Her Son

Britney Spears has broken her silence following accusations that her father abused her 13-year old son, but what she had to say was very cryptic.

BabyGaga previously reported that Kevin Federline, who shares 13-year old Sean and 12-year Jayden with Britney, filed for a change in their custody agreement. K-Fed’s lawyer spoke out to the media to confirm an incident had occurred between Britney’s dad Jamie Spears and their son Sean after the teen intervened in a verbal disagreement between his mom and grandad.

During the altercation, Jamie “violently shook” his grandson and broke down a bedroom door. As a result, Kevin has obtained a restraining order for his sons against their grandfather. Jamie also stepped down as conservator over his daughter’s affairs, which he’s acted as for over a decade.

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When my hair was blonde 👱‍♀️

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Britney has remained active online amidst all of the intense speculation. She’s posted a variety of typical celebrity photos, including ones of her lounging by the beach and sultry selfies. If the tabloids weren’t reporting differently, it’d seem like all is well in the Spears household.

But the star has shared one quote that seemed directed at the situation with her father and kids. “All the good ones are a little bit crazy,” a quote read that Britney posted in a photo to her Instagram feed. She captioned the picture, “How good am I???”

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How good am I ???

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It’s unclear what Britney meant with this post. At first read, it appears like it may be a tongue-in-cheek post at all those who’ve called the singer ‘crazy’ or ‘unstable’ over the years. Britney checked into a treatment facility earlier this year following her father’s health troubles, and many fans questioned if she was having another meltdown.

However, some other fans have speculated in the comments whether the post was directed at her father. There have long been rumours suggesting Britney’s father was too controlling of her. This past May, for instance, reports said that Jamie was the one who forced his daughter into a treatment facility earlier in the year.

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According to TMZ, Britney admitted all of this in front of a judge after her father had her committed involuntarily and had medication forced upon her. She was also asking to end his conservatorship over her affairs, though the judge denied her request at the time. It’s hard not to wonder if Britney’s post is about all of the craziness her dad has allegedly put her through.

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