'Brooklyn Nine-Nine's' Melissa Fumero Is Pregnant With Baby #2

melissa fumero

Melissa Fumero's family is about to have a bigger family.

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star revealed on Instagram that she's expecting her second child with husband and Power star, David Fumero. The actress, who plays Amy Santiago on the series, has been hiding her bump as she admitted she was getting self-conscious during this pregnancy. However,  she decided to share her bump with the world on Saturday.

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Fumero is already the proud parent of a 3-year-old son named Enzo, who regularly appears on both his mom and dad's Instagram accounts. In May, ET spoke with Fumero about how the timing of her first pregnancy perfectly lined up with her shooting schedule for Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

"So we got a surprise pregnancy that weirdly timed out brilliantly where my due date was two weeks after we're supposed to wrap Brooklyn Nine-Nine," she said. "So we felt like, 'OK this is meant to be. This feels very serendipitous.' We were, after we got over our initial shock, we were very, very excited."

And, the very same day her son was born, she got the news that the show was picked up for a fourth season. Also, on Thursday, NBC announced that it had green-lit Brooklyn Nine-Nine for an eighth season, three months before season seven premieres on Feb. 6, 2020.

The cast, including Fumero, all posed for a photo holding up eight fingers to announce the big news, which was shared on the show's social media accounts.

"We can't wait to give you even more #Brooklyn99! 💕," the image of the group was captioned.

Last time she was expecting, the team worked her baby bump into the plot – having Amy go undercover at a women’s prison as a pregnant inmate. We can’t wait to see how they are going to weave this pregnancy into the plot.

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