A Budget-Friendly Baby Shower: 10 Ideas For 10 Budgets

When a baby is about to enter the world, many people have a baby shower. While these are not required, they are a great way for loved ones to join together and purchase gifts that this new baby will want or need.

Whether you are wanting a simple and affordable shower or wanting to go all out, we have ideas here! Below, there are 10 different sample budgets and solutions to go with each. These are just ideas that can be customized, and which can shed some light on how to have a wonderful baby shower, no matter the budget!

10. Free Is Our Favorite Price

Free is always great, but remember: With this option, we get what we pay for. The simplest form of a baby shower would be to have a few friends and family members over to the house (close ones who do not expect to receive a party favor when they leave!). There would be no food or drinks (unless the pantry is already stocked). There would be no decorations (except for the ones already in the home). And there would be no games (unless that existing board game collection was pulled out). But gifts would be brought, and the baby would be showered!

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9. $15 Budget: Hit Up The Dollar Store For A Cheap Setup

With a little bit of cash, expecting parents can get a little bit more. Again, the guest list will have to be small, but there can be some fun touches here and there. A box of decorated cookies from the grocery store can be set out for this intimate gathering. Balloons and streamers from the dollar store can be placed around the room for ambiance. And a host could even throw in a roll of toilet paper, in order to play that game where everyone measures how big around they think the mommy’s tummy is!

8. $30 Budget: Target's Where It's At

With $30, we would suggest heading to the dollar bin at Target. Start by getting a couple of cute decorations that all fall within the theme of the shower. Then, get a pack of something fun for the hostess gifts/party favors. Next, find some affordable snacks, as well as a mix of lemonade or tea to go along with those food items. From the comfort of home or of a friend’s house, this could be a nice little party where a baby who is on their way would get lots of goodies from loved ones.

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7. $50 Budget: Head Outside!

Let’s take this party outside! A little bit of a bigger budget can give a little bit bigger of a space for more activities. While the shower is for expecting parents and their child, guests do expect something in return, such as food and fun. Therefore, with this budget, there is enough money to provide refreshments, as well as an activity. Think something that is affordable yet entertaining, like decorating onesies or writing sweet messages on diapers. Plus, since nature is serving as a backdrop for this idea, less of the money that’s available has to go towards decorations!

6. $85 Budget: It's All About Coordinating

Alright, we are moving on to the next example budget, which is $85. For a little bit more money, we are talking about a real cake (decorated to go with the chosen theme, of course), with coordinating napkins, plates, cups, and tablecloths. There may be a local space available, like a church or a community center, that allows for events like this. This means more people can be invited (which means more presents!). So pick a theme, and run with it. A certain color or pattern can really tie a place together, which will make for some fun photos that will be captured on this memorable day.

5. $125 Budget: Location And Colors Are Key

Food, drinks—items that will be used to enjoy these refreshments—decorations, gifts to give out, thank you cards to send... All of this can be purchased with a budget over a $100. And in today’s time, this is still quite affordable for a baby shower! Once again, we want to stress that location and colors are key; find a place that can be used for free, then fill it up with pink for a precious baby, rainbow colors for a festive look, burnt orange for a favorite sports’ team, polka dots for some fun — whatever sounds best!

4. $250 Budget: Picture Perfect Parties

In today’s digital world, we are surrounded by photos from Pinterest-inspired baby showers, designer baby showers, staged baby showers, celebrity baby showers... These parties are picture-perfect, created for Instagram and Pinterest. And with $250, we could get close to one of these ourselves. Of course, the basics need to be purchased first, but then there should be enough for one *wow* item, like a multi-tiered cake or a word spelled out of those alphabet balloons. That will impress them all, and it makes for a lovely day for this expecting family (since they are the true focus of it all)!

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3. $500 Budget: Rent A Space

For $500, a small space could be rented. A glamorous centerpiece or backdrop could be created, a variety of activities could take place, and a great favor could leave with everyone. This may sound a bit steep to some, but usually, hostesses split up the cost. And after adding up enough food and drinks for everyone—and enough decor to make the place look festive—this number could be reached quickly if not careful! But, as we mentioned, it will all be worth it! Everyone will leave feeling full and satisfied, and the expecting family will have a lifelong memory made.

2. $1,000 Budget: It's All About The Atmosphere

Want an entire space totally dedicated to this baby and to this day? Rent it, decorate it, and buy food for a few close loved ones for around $1,000. While baby showers are all about the baby and the items they'll need, they are also about atmosphere. Here, an expecting mother will be surrounded by her closest friends and family members; those she truly wants to share this life experience with. She will also be surrounded by her favorite colors, most beloved flowers, and her favorite small snacks. This makes for a pretty party!

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1. $2,000 Budget: Go All Out!

To go all out for a baby shower, the budget is going to need to be big — but the party will be, too! This one, for instance, transformed an outdoor space into an oasis with a frilly tent, funky balloon,  and hay bales covered in cozy blankets and pillows. If someone is not into a boho theme, this idea could be transformed into anything else. The point is that more elements can be added in with a budget like this, and a big space will lead to more decorations, more guests, more presents, and more fun! As long as the baby is cared for in a neat and loving way, that is all that matters.

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