Between school, daycare, and activities more and more children are becoming sleep deprived. Excess caffeine and sugars, too much screen time, and simply not making quality sleep a priority are just a few of the contributing factors.

A lack of sleep not only affects your child’s mood, it can have

an effect on how well his or her body is able to fight off disease and infection.

Sleep deprivation reduces the natural killer cells in the body, which in turn makes your body more likely to succumb to illness, due to impaired immune system function.

Studies show that children who are in daycare are especially at risk for becoming sleep deprived, due to the inability to nap in a strange setting.

Newborns require up to eighteen hours of sleep a day, toddlers require twelve to thirteen hours, and preschoolers and school aged children need ten hours of sleep a day for optimal health.

Electromagnetic frequency has been proven to have a detrimental affect on the quality of sleep people in today’s technology obsessed world are getting, the same is true for our children. Limit exposure before bed, and remove devices from sleeping rooms whenever possible to avoid sleep disturbances.

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