Bulletproof Backpacks For Kids Are Rising In Popularity In The US

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but after the recent string of mass shootings, parents are doing whatever it takes to protect their children as they prepare for the back-to-school season. This means that they are also willing to pay a decent amount of money for a new bulletproof backpack.

According to the Huffington Post, parents are scrambling to get the best of the best as bulletproof backpacks have become an unlikely trend. After the Parkland shooting left 17 people dead back in 2018, parents are taking no chances. Last weekend’s deadly mass shootings in California, Texas and Ohio have also served as a reminder that mass shootings are a real threat and danger to not only the public but children going back to school, too.

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One report says that a Texas company that sells bulletproof backpacks saw an upsurge in sales in the last few days. Worried parents from California to New York and Florida are scrambling to buy them.

What’s more, Google Trends has shown that searches for “bulletproof backpacks” has seen an uptick in searches while Twitter has also been searching the pros and cons of sending a child to school with a backpack that will hopefully save their lives while they do their classwork.

It’s also been pointed out that a popular pink bulletproof backpack was completely sold out over the weekend. Priced at $190, it was unavailable on Walmart’s website by Tuesday morning. It took only 10 minutes for the website to restock it, only for one bag to remain left.

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Igor Volsky, the director of Guns Down America, a gun-control advocacy group said that while parents are keeping their children’s livelihood in mind while buying these bags, it’s also an indication of just how scared and frightened society has become.

He said, “It’s incredibly depressing. The market is trying to solve for a problem that our politicians have refused to solve.”

In El Paso, Texas, a shooter took the lives of 22 people who were shopping for back-to-school supplies at a Walmart superstore. That night, a gunman in Dayton, Ohio attacked a popular nightlife stretch and killed 9 people, including his own sister. The shootings have once again reignited the gun debate in America.

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