Baby Bump Size By Month: Guide To Fruit Sizes

Pregnancy can be an exciting time in your life. But since your little one is growing inside of you it can feel hard to get a real understanding of them until you can feel them move around and kick.

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Luckily, doctors have come up with an easy way for soon-to-be parents to understand and relate what the size of their baby is when they are still growing and developing in the womb. So keep reading to discover the size of your baby as compared to fruit sizes so you can understand how big your little one is at any given time!

10 Tiny Seed

At the beginning stages of pregnancy, babies are little and since they have nine full months to grow and develop they are in no rush to get big. According to Parents.com, at four weeks your baby is the size of a poppy seed.

It can be hard for you to think about your baby being the size of something so small as a poppy seed now growing in your womb. Even though they are the size of a seed, they are going to keep growing until they are healthy babies.

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9 Kidney Bean

For many of the first weeks of pregnancy, a woman might not even know that she is pregnant since her baby is still small and now just be noticing some symptoms of pregnancy.

At eight weeks your two months, your baby is the size of a kidney bean, stated by BabyCenter.com. It can seem like a kidney bean is still very small, but when you think about how much they have grown from that small poppy seed you will be surprised that in just four weeks they can grow to be over ½ inch long.

8 Fig

At eleven weeks you are almost out of your first trimester of pregnancy. Brit.co mentions at eleven weeks that your baby is the size of a fig. Since your little one is growing you may not feel as tired now that you are moving out of the first trimester.

Many doctors say that after the first trimester it is a safe time to start telling family and friends about your pregnancy. So start talking to your partner about how you are going to reveal your pregnancy to all of your loved ones!

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7 Lemon

As your baby keeps growing and if you are keeping track at fourteen weeks your little one is going to be the size of a lemon as stated by Parenting.FirstCry.com. With them being the size of a lemon they are now 3.9 inches in length and growing at a fast rate now that their facial muscles are now developed.

To help you realize how much your baby has grown look at a lemon and realize the little miracle that you and your partner have created.

6 Banana

At twenty weeks you are now halfway through the second trimester of your pregnancy. MomJunction.com has shown that at twenty weeks your baby is now the size of a banana. Now that your baby is the size of a banana they are going to have developed to a point where their movements in the womb are going to become more prominent moving forward.

This means that you are going to have the wonderful experience of feeling your baby kick and move around, making you feel more connected to them.

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5 Acorn Squash

A popular fall squash that you have seen at the supermarkets is acorn squash. Now that you are twenty-five weeks into your pregnancy your baby is the size of one, according to Parents.com. Since your baby has grown and developed more they are now able to grab with their hands and may even reach out and touch their umbilical cord.

Not only has your baby developed so they can grab things, but they can also even stick out their tongue since that is developed too! So don’t be surprised if your baby is making faces at your next ultrasound appointment.

4 Butternut Squash

Your third trimester is from twenty-eight weeks until birth. If you are twenty-nine weeks pregnant then you just crossed over to your third trimester. Also at twenty-nine weeks, your little one is the size of a butternut squash, as reported by BabyCenter.com.

Being in the third trimester your baby is finishing up developing anything that they need to survive outside the mother’s womb. You will see that part of your little one’s growth is seeing how long they are and typically they will be over 15 inches.

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3 Coconut

Being in your third trimester can make you feel like your pregnancy is really coming to an end. Brit.co has shown that at thirty-one weeks your baby is going to be the size of a coconut. That is why you might start to notice your bump is popping out more than usual.

Now that you are thirty-one weeks into your pregnancy you and your partner need to start talking about what the plan is going to be to get you to the hospital when your water breaks and to start picking out and packing your labor bag you are bringing to the hospital.

2 Honeydew Melon

When you are thirty-five weeks pregnant you are getting closer and closer to your due date. Even though you are excited to finally meet your baby, you still have a little bit longer to go until your delivery. Parenting.FirstCry.com has stated that at thirty-five weeks pregnant your baby is going to be the size of a honeydew melon.

And you will notice that your baby is now pressing down on your pelvic floor that is going to help you during your labor. So that means you can’t get upset when they are resting on your pelvis.

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1 Small Pumpkin

During the very last stage of your pregnancy, your baby is going to be developed to the point where they can survive outside the mother’s womb. And since your baby is ready to be born at this stage they are going to be the size of a small pumpkin, according to MomJunction.com.

At this stage of your pregnancy, you are just waiting to meet your baby, but do not worry since you will surely meet your little one soon. Make sure that you are relaxed because once your baby is born you will not remember what your life was like without them.

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