This Wisconsin School Bus Driver Held The Hand Of A Crying Kindergartner On His First Day Of School

A photo of Wisconsin bus driver Isabel "Izzy" Lane has gone viral after she held the hand of shy four-year-old Axel Johnson on his first day of school when the kindergartener was terribly nervous about starting school.

Little Axel was feeling nervous about his first day about kindergarten, according to Fox7. Luckily for him, however, he just so happened to land himself on the best bus in the world for comfort and compassion when it comes to anxious kids.



First day jitters are nothing new to school bus drivers even for Lane, who is quite young herself. On Sept. 5, when Axel approached Lane's bus, she noticed that the young child was initially full of excitement but that quickly wore off. Then the little boy actually burst into tears at the thought of his very first day at something so completely unknown.

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The Augusta Police Department was present and shared a photo of the sweet moment after Lane picked up the crying child and carried him onto the bus and then proceeded to hold his hand with one hand while driving with her other hand!

"He started to cling to me and I told him, 'Buddy, you got this and will have so much fun!'" Lane told Fox 7 Austin. She went on to mention that it's important that if you see someone struggling, something as simple as reaching out a hand to show that you are there can go a long way.



Her kind gesture certainly seemed to do the trick for Axel. After arriving at school, he was able to get off the bus and attend class. "I love that people in my community are kindhearted and Izzy is definitely that," Axel's mom Amy Johnson said.

Lane has received an outpouring of positive messages for what she did to help the shy little boy through his first-day nerves. But perhaps the best outcome of all is that now, Lane has made a forever impact on someone's confidence. "The day after that he was waiting at the bus stop all by himself, he got on all smiles and talking to me the whole time so he is doing much better now," Lane said.

Do you remember how an adult impacted your confidence in a positive but simple way when you were very young? Let us know down in the comments!

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