Should You Buy Your Toddler A Dog Bed? These Parents Say Yes

As many families might agree, our beloved dogs are certainly living their best lives. We’re all about finding fun, creative and innovative solutions with parenting, and this is one simple hack that’s so easy to copy.

Whether you have a dog or not, it’s hard to deny that beds made for canine companions just look so… comfy! According to Lifehacker, several parents have started to buy into the trend, and begin purchasing dog beds to be used for their toddlers. Young children often love pillows, blankets, and soft cozy items, and naturally, it does make sense to want to purchase a dog bed for their own personal use. Furniture items specifically designed for toddlers can be expensive, and parents have touted the benefits that dog beds are actually mostly machine washable. Some families have even turned to the idea of making the dog bed into a reading nook in their homes. Sounds cozy and hygge as ever!


Shifting a dog bed into a toddler bed certainly does have its fair share of perks, and some parents have even used them as a way to break co-sleeping patterns. Instead of sleeping with older toddlers, parents have placed dog beds near their own, and thus allowing for more flexibility and comfort. Now, we’re not specifically talking about a tiny dog bed built for a poodle, here, we’d rather recommend something more comfortable and kid-friendly. For example, many families have been raving about a memory foam dog bed from L.L. Bean—but stores like Costco, Ross, and Aldi also have options, as well. Although the L.L. Bean bed is designed for large breed dogs, it also works well as a comfy alternative for young children, too.

“We got the dog bed. It’s a hit. He has been cuddling with us on the floor and even tucking in his puppy. Bonus—it’s also just a good floor cushion for old ladies like myself that have broken a hip. We’ve yet to get him to nap in it but it is a total mystery to us how his teachers get him to nap outside of a crib.” Melissanichole Hoaglund, a parent said to Lifehacker. “The bed is fuzzy. Our apartment is cold. The kid spent a half hour on it watching Daniel Tiger while wrapped in a blanket. Summary: Yeah. Buy your toddler a dog bed. Call it a couch. Win at parenting.”

As always, you do want to take into account for the material of the dog bed. Some families have shied away from the idea, and prefer to purchase specific furniture items designed for toddlers. For instance, if the fabric is not clearly marked about being flame resistant, it may be a potential dangerous hazard. However, some families have even started to use dog beds as an cushion object for playtime. For example, one mother explained how she wanted to get a dog bed in order to cushion her daughter’s play area. However, her daughter ended up falling in love with the cozy bed, and added sheets and pillows for added comfort. Of course, consult your peditrician to see if this is the right idea for your little one. 

Would you buy your toddler a dog bed? Let us know in the comments!

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