Bystander Rescues Baby Left In Unlocked Hot Car For Over An Hour

A passer-by rescued a baby from an unlocked hot car who had been sat alone in the sun for over an hour before she arrived.

Depending on the situation, being a good Samaritan is easier said than done. We all hear stories about people watching on or trying to ignore a tense situation or someone being attacked. When we hear about those stories, we wonder why no one intervened. But put yourself in that situation. Would you step up and step in? What about if there was a knife or even a gun involved?

Thankfully, those situations are few and far between, although it feels as if they are becoming less so as time passes. There are some situations where you don't need to put your life at risk to save another. Recusing a dog from a hot car, for instance. As shocking as it is, some dog owners continue to leave their pups alone in cars in hot weather. If we see that happening you can bet your life we're going to free that dog.

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Now we've got you thinking how angry it makes you when you see a dog in a hot car, imagine that dog is a baby. That's the situation Richelle Condon recently found herself in, reports Grand Folks Herald. The teacher was on her way back to her car with her own daughter in the West Acres mall parking lot when she heard a baby crying.

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When Condon peered into the car from which the cries were emanating, she was horrified. In the car was a baby, sweating and crying as it tried to get out of the sun. After calling 911, Condon realized that the car was unlocked. A blessing as that meant she could open the car and rescue the baby, but even more concerning in another way since the parent responsible clearly cared very little, if at all, about the baby's well-being.

When the baby's father returned, he had been clothes shopping in the mall, he nervously claimed that he had only been gone for ten minutes. Even though any amount of time would have been unforgivable, after checking CCTV footage, police discovered that the baby had been left alone in the car for more than an hour. The little girl has been returned to her mom and the father has been arrested for child neglect.


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