BYU Track Star Gets Faster After Having A Baby

A BYU track runner thought that she would not be able to continue running after she had a child. However, she became faster!

When women athletes become pregnant there are always many different emotions. Of course, it is exciting anytime a woman is able to have a child, but then there is always that thought that the woman will not be the athlete that she once was before she had children. Pregnancy, labor, and recovery can really do a lot of "damage" to women's bodies and so it is always a possibility that a woman who is an athlete will never be able to compete to their her previous level after she has delivered her child.

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When Erica Birk-Jarvis, Brigham Young University track star, became pregnant she was very excited. She had always wanted to be a mother and she was very excited to have a baby. However, she was a little bit apprehensive about having a baby because she wasn't sure if she would ever be able to compete at the same level. Jarvis's husband, Tyler Jarvis, said that "nobody" has a baby and then goes back to running. They both knew that Erica's college career in track was most likely over.


However, Erica didn't let recovering from a baby stop her from excelling at her track career. Not only did Erica return to her college running, but she also excelled. After Erica returned to running she started running faster than she had run before. She also started breaking records. Erica won the BYU Autumn Classic. She then went onto win Notre Dame Joe Piane Invitational. She was fourth at the Pre-Nationals Invitational, won the WCC championship, was third at the NCAA Mountain Region Championships and seventh at the NCAA National Championships. Erica was afraid that having a baby was going to stop her from continuing down her running path, but that did not stop her. She is much faster now. Maybe her son has given her more motivation to run faster. Whatever the reason, we're in awe of this remarkable woman!

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