A C-Section Is An Option For Every Expecting Mother

Most of us assume that having a baby delivered by C-section usually only happens when there's something going on that means it wouldn't be safe to deliver the baby naturally. Some women as so petrified of giving birth that they wish they could have a C-section - although it's not an easier way to have a child by any stretch of the imagination. According to Canada's obstetricians, any woman who wants to have a C-section has a right to do so, even if her doctor sees no reason for it.

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The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists have long-since held the stance that C-sections should only be performed when absolutely necessary for the health of the baby and mother, but now they're adamant that the ultimate choice should be up to the mom. However, the woman has to be fully-briefed on the pros and cons of the procedure, as it comes with risks of its own. If after having all of the information to make the decision she still chooses to go ahead, then the doctor must agree to perform the surgery. If the doctor won't agree to it, then they have a responsibility to refer the patient to a doctor that will. This information was shared by the SOGC in a statement recently released.

Dr. Jenniefer Blake, the group's chief executive officer said that while some doctors may not agree with the request for their own ethical reasons, they need to put their own feelings aside and respect the wishes of the patient. Despite this, the SOGC still wants to try and lower the rate of caesareans. Around 28% of women delivered their babies via C-section in 2017, with over 100,000 surgeries being performed in Canada. In 2004, the group was singing a very different tune, instead releasing a statement about how unnecessary C-sections were taking up precious resources that could be used for patients with life-threatening illnesses such as cancer, so why the big change?

Dr. Joe Barrett, chief of maternal-fetal medicine at Toronto's Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre said there's a rise in the number of women that are requesting voluntary C-sections, and the SOGC simply felt they had to have a clear stance on the issue. He emphasizes that they still encourage women to deliver naturally if they can.


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