Fans Are Convinced That Caitlyn Jenner Just Hinted Kylie Is Pregnant With Baby No. 2

Caitlyn Jenner may have just hinted that Kylie Jenner is pregnant with her second child, and fans are desperate for the truth. For those who might not keep up with the Kardashians on a regular basis, Kylie hid her entire first pregnancy from the world. It wasn't until after the birth of Stormi that she confessed to being a new mom.

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Although she's lived a very public life for most of her childhood and early adulthood, Kylie has commented many times that she is a private person. Thus, it would come as no surprise for why she'd want to keep something like this to herself.

However, after a recent interview with Caitlyn Jenner, fans are wondering if there is indeed another on the way. During an episode of I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! Caitlyn was asked an innocent question of how many grandchildren she has. Just as a little context—the Kardashian and Jenner clan are known for having lots of kids. Between Kim and Kourtney alone they have seven total. Additionally, Khloe and Rob each have a daughter as well, and several of the Jenner siblings have babies too. However, as fans started to job down all of the grandbabies in the family, things didn't necessarily add up. 

Caitlyn stated that she will have a whopping 20 grandchildren come December 2019. Currently, that number is at 16, but her son Brandon Jenner and his girlfriend are expecting twins by the end of the year. That still leaves two hypothetical grandchildren left unaccounted for. And if Kylie is indeed pregnant with baby No. 2, does that mean that another one of her siblings is too?

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It's possible that Caitlyn got the numbers mixed up herself, seeing as there is a lot to keep track of. Still, fans are convinced otherwise. Many have been posting on social media, wondering if Caitlyn had accidentally let the truth slip about her daughter's secret pregnancy. It certainly wouldn't be the first time Kylie has kept something quiet for so long. In fact, earlier in the year fans had also speculated that Kylie and her then-boyfriend Travis Scott might be expecting another child after some controversial posts on Instagram. However, following their recent breakup that theory has gone up in flames.

SOURCE: HollywoodLife

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