'California Baby' Is In Hot Water After Accidentally Offering Its Customers An Illegitimate Promo Code For $75 Off

California Baby is trying to backpedal after they accidentally posted a promo code for $75 off.

A popular baby product company, California Baby is in hot water when the company posted a Promo code for $75 off of their products. The Promo Code instantly went viral and parents were quickly sharing so that their friends would be able to utilize the code and get a whole bunch of baby stuff for free. The code was advertised by saying that you could get $75 off by purchasing $75 or more on baby products. Many people thought that all you had to do was pay for shipping. One mother shared that she purchased a whole bunch of baby products for her daughter and then only paid $6 for shipping. She didn't think it was real at first but she saw the code in multiple mom groups on Facebook. She used the code "TEDDYWTB48."

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A lot of parents used the promo code and the code was valid. Parents came forward showing that they had purchased $75 worth of products and only had to spend a couple of dollars. Parents everywhere were taking to social media to share that their orders had been processed and their credit cards were already charged. They were all convinced that this was an actual promo code and everybody seemed very excited. However, the CEO, Jessica Iclisoy, said that the promo code was "illegitimate" and that all of the orders using the code would not be processed. She said that everybody would get their money back, but they would not be getting all of the stuff that they had ordered in their shopping cart. She goes on to thank his customers for their "consideration."

Iclisoy shared that the promo code was created for a one-time event for all of their customers who are in the referral program. The code was supposed to be used on specific people that had earned the promo code. Somehow the code became viral to all of the customers who were not in the designated program. Of course, this didn't sit well with many of the customers. People turned on the company quickly and got upset with them for this false advertising. Parents who had ordered the products were having a tough time getting their money back and having their order be refunded and couldn't contact customer service. Some of the customers thought that the CEO was being snarky with her responses on her social media. She never once apologized for the incident and started responding to her customers in a very rude and negative way.

This mistake certainly lost many current and potential customers. They were mad because nobody received notices that their orders were going to be canceled and nobody has reached out to them about what will be happening next. One customer commented saying that they were really mad that the company took all of their information and yet she won't be even getting anything. She said, "I better not receive one advertisement in my email." Hopefully, this company can stop making excused and apologize to its customers.

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