California Bill Would Allow Parents To Bring Babies To Work

California Bill would allow workplaces to implement programs where parents could bring their babies to work!


Our society has become more and more difficult for parents to live off of just one income. Most families now are having to send both husband and wife to work in order to provide for living expenses. When couples start to have children they sometimes have to choose whether to go back to work, or to leave their newborn with a child care provider. It is a difficult decision that parent's have to choose. Many companies throughout the United States have started to implement programs where parents are allowed to bring their children to work for the first six month of the baby's life.

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It is very important for kids to be with their mother for as long as possible, because it helps with their bonding. And it is better for mothers who choose to nurse their children. A new California bill, that if passed, would allow for parents to bring their babies to work. The program would allow for every company under the private sector the right to implement the program. It would be up to the company's discretion as to whether, or not, a business is safe for an infant. Obviously there are many places of work that would not be safe for babies.

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Randy Voepel, the Republican state assemblymen who sponsored the bill, said that it is very important for parents to bond with their new infants. It is sad that parents are now having to choose between supporting their families with money and spending time with their infants. Voepel said that parents shouldn't have to choose and that more offices, if they are safe, should allow parents to bring their kids to work. Voepel went on to comment that the program shouldn't have to be difficult. All you have to do is bring your bassinet and your baby.

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It would be amazing if more parents would have the opportunity to bring their children to work. It is such a hard decision watching mother's have to leave their baby with a caregiver. The baby program would be beneficial to both the parent and the baby. Many companies have even commented about how much they love having children in their office and how it always brightens the mood.

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