Campaign Remind Boys They Are Free To Wear Pink! Awesome!

When we learn what gender our child will be, we automatically think of two colors: Pink and Blue. However, does it have to stay that way? 

As they grow older, we see young girls already moving around and wearing colors from all over the rainbow, but one thing we do not see is boys wearing more pink. We should not be labeling colors according to gender. A new campaign has started on social media to encourage all kids to wear pink no matter their gender and to be ok with it. The campaign was started by Martine Zoer, founder of Quirkie Kids which makes pink tees for both boys and girls. 

She was inspired after a boy was bullied on his first day of school for wearing pink. "No kid should be teased for what they wear!" she said. The Quirkie Kids Facebook page adds, "Some boys like pink and why not? Pink is just a color and so is green, and blue, and yellow."

If you want to join the movement: repost the picture above of a boy wearing pink or a picture of your child expressing themselves through their clothing with the hashtag: #freetowearpink

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