Canada's Most Unusual Baby Names Have Been Revealed

Having a baby can present a number of conundrums, from who is going to do the night feeds to whether to breastfeed or not. There's one decision that usually tops them all as the hardest, though: what to name your new little bundle of joy. Choose a traditional name that you love and run the risk of them being the third or fourth "Molly" in their class or pick a unique moniker that might attract some unwanted comments. It's a tricky one. Each year, the Alberta government releases a list of all the baby names registered in the Canadian province. 2017's offering has just landed...and people have a lot to say about it.


The most popular boys' name was Noah, which was registered 250 times in 2017. Runners-up for the boys were Liam, Benjamin, Logan, and Lucas. For the girls, Olivia clinched the top spot for the fifth year, while Emma, Charlotte, Ava, and Sophia were up next. None of these names are particularly surprising, there are some others on the list that are worthy of a second glance. Most notably, on the boys' list, Blaze, Godspower, Nitorious-Shyne, Heaven and V. On the flip side, some parents decided to opt for names like Beautiful, Empress, Fancy and Snow for the ladies.

The boys' names were arguably the most unusual, going on to include Cola, Jedi, and Zeppelin. Three little boys were called Tyrion and one girl was named Daenerys, names made semi-popular thanks to the Game of Thrones series. Needless to say, the internet wasn't about to let these names pass without a mention, and Twitter erupted in users mocking the likes of Sixx and Denmark, which also made an appearance.

One study has recently revealed that one in five millennial parents would seriously consider changing their baby's name choice based on what domain names were free - because that's important, right? Call us old-fashioned, but whatever happened to naming your child after a much-loved family member? In any case, we're here for all baby names, unique or common, as long as these babies are growing up happy and healthy!

Does your child have an unusual name that can beat this bunch? Let us know in the comments.

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