This Incredible Canadian Garden Is Helping Parents Grieve Their Miscarriages

In Victoria, British Colombia, a beautiful garden was created to help parents deal with the grief from their miscarriages. Often times, medical professionals overlook the significance of a baby lost during pregnancy, and parents aren’t given avenues to deal with their emotions. With the help of gardens like this, many parents can finally have the kind of closure they’ve been looking for.

In Canada alone, around 3,000 women experience stillbirth every year, and about 20% of pregnancies result in a miscarriage. While a foetus’ legal status as a person can be debated time and time again, the fact remains that the pregnancy meant a lot to the expecting parents. They will never get the chance to know what raising that specific child will ever be like, and that’s very hard to deal with. Getting a sense of closure is important for the sanity of the family.

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The volunteers at the Little Spirits Garden recognized this issue, so they created a beautiful area for parents to bring their babies. It was fully completed in 2012 on the grounds of the Royal Oak Burial Park, and it is dedicated solely to children lost during a pregnancy. For each baby lost, a small concrete house stands in the garden. These “Spirit Houses” can be customized any way the parents want, have a womb symbol inscribed inside, and are porous so moss can grow over them in time. Parents also have the option to scatter the ashes of their lost baby on the grounds if they wish to.

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Gardens like these help parents because many are confused as to how to grieve their child. It’s not quite a funeral, as the baby never lived on Earth, but their presence and impact on their parents cannot just be overlooked. Many believe their spirits live in some sort of limbo, so providing them with little spirit houses seems appropriate.

Canadian doctors have been referring grieving parents to this garden if they believe it will help. All services at the garden are free and supported by donations, so parents don’t have to worry about extra expenses. They can finally focus on the fact that their lost child has a final resting place they can visit whenever they wish.

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