Canadian Mom Reunited With Daughter 3 Years After She Was Abducted By Former Partner

After three long years, a Canadian mother has finally been reunited with her daughter after she was abducted by her ex-partner and taken to Europe.

Tasha Brown, from Saanich, British Columbia, had every parent’s worst nightmare come true when her 1-year old daughter, Kaydence, was abducted by her ex-girlfriend, Lauren Etchells. Although Etchells gave birth to the child, a custody order prevented her from taking the girl outside of the country. Nonetheless, she fled for the United Kingdom in 2016.

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Luckily, an end was brought to this dramatic tale when Brown received word her ex and daughter had been located on a small island called Jersey in the English Channel on July 2nd. The mother-of-one shared the good news with her followers through YouTube. “I am swirling. I am happy. I am overwhelmed,” she said excitedly in a video. “The best news I could ever imagine.”

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Authorities located the now-4-year old with not only Etchell, but also Etchell’s parents Brian and Angela Etchells. According to reports, the family was trying to escape the island by taking off in a small boat when they were apprehended.

“(Jersey Police) came across them, three adults and two little children. They were with a 13-foot inflatable dingy that had just landed on the shore,” Saanich RCMP spokespersons Sgt. Julie Fast explained to the media. The second child in question was a 3-year old that Etchells had during another relationship.

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As it stands, Etchells and her parents have all plead guilty to multiple charges, including child neglect, aiding and abetting, and even immigration offences. Both children have reportedly been taken into government custody while arrangements for another parent or guardian to step up is made.

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It may come as a surprise, but many kidnapping cases are perpetrated by individuals who already know the child. Most commonly, the kidnapper may be a family member or even a parent.

According to Parents, 49 percent of all kidnappings are committed by a family member. 43 percent of those abductions are done by parents, most of which are mainly female. ‘Acquaintance kidnapping’ covers 27 percent of all abductions, whereas ‘stranger kidnapping’ is the least common and only accounts for 34 percent of kidnapping cases.

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