Cancer Fighting Mom Thanks Her Twins Twice! Beautiful!

This woman first made history when she got pregnant with her twins after receiving an ovarian tissue graft in her abdomen. After giving birth to her two little miracles, she was told that her cancer returned. Something she would not have know if it wasn't for the birth of the twins. 

Although the woman does not want to be named she is calling herself "doubly blessed." “Due to the nature of my ovarian cancer there was always the possibility of recurrence even without attempting to have a family,” she said. Thankfully, the twins allowed the tumors to be discovered more quickly and this blessed mommy will be just fine. When she was first diagnosed and then cleared, she got the graft which allowed for her pregnancy. The twins born via c-section at 37 weeks allowed for the tumors to be seen. 

This mama plans on breastfeeding her twins and her doctors say that her outlook was excellent. Congrats to this mommy and her two miracle babies! 

*Because the women did not want to be identified we could not find a picture of her or her babies so we borrowed this from google image, still wanted to tell you her story*

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