Study Suggests Cannabis Oil Can Reduce Seizures In Kids

A preliminary study has discovered that cannabis oil could be used to help alleviate the number of seizures suffered by children with certain conditions.

The taboos surrounding the use of cannabis in many parts of the world are slowly falling away and in some cases disappearing altogether. Not just for medicinal reasons, but for recreational purposes too. Sticking with its medicinal uses though, and more and more people are discovering that the drug can help reduce the symptoms that are caused by certain conditions.

Using cannabis to treat children certainly hadn't crossed our minds, but it clearly crossed the minds of researchers at the University of Saskatchewan. CBC reports that the university recently conducted a study to discover the effects of cannabis oil on children who suffer from severe and drug-resistant epilepsy.

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via Healthline

Turns out the cannabis-based product actually had a big and positive effect on the children who were part of the study. Of the seven children included, their seizures were reduced by around 75%. A pediatric neurologist who helped conduct the study explained that even though 75% might not seem like a high enough number, it is when you consider other medications have had little to no effect on the children.

For the first month of the study, the seven children were administered their regular medication and their seizures were monitored. In the six months that followed, they were then given an increasing amount of cannabis oil with each passing month alongside their regular medication. Three of the seven children included in the study saw their seizures stopped entirely, presumably thanks to the oil.

There are obviously some ethical issues with administering cannabis oil to children. However, those involved in the study were quick to highlight that the oil is only 5% THC. THC is the element of regular cannabis that leads to its users becoming intoxicated. The low percentage in the oil means the children using it do not experience the same effects as those who are using the drug in other forms for recreational reasons. Since the study only comprised of seven children, further research will need to be done before findings can be published as concrete evidence.

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