I Can't Be The Only One

I can't be the only mom who feels like she's the only mom who is a hot mess topped with a messy mom bun as the cherry on top.

Right? Tell me you commiserate with me - that you also relish the afternoon cup of coffee, the quiet escape from toddlers when they stay the weekend with grandparents. Part of the rea

son I wanted this gig, to write to you, is to be an encouragement to other women. Because I am really a firm believer in "whatever works for your family",  I don't want to hold back. You're going to hear the gross, messy, difficult bits of my parenting journey. And your'e going to hear me brag about my beautiful children and what joys they are. Both are true, you know. Momming is both ugly and lovely. Maybe if I share the reality of my world as a mom, you will feel safer and more accepted. That's my hope, at least.

I'm not the only one who has forgotten to pack an extra set of clothes for the one blowout the baby has right before your cousin's wedding. Right?

You know that look, don't you?

I can't be he only one who has gone a bit too long between pumping sessions at the office and sprang a leak in front of her boss.

I can't be the only one who was told to clean the neck-cheese/toe jam out of my chubby daughter's neck creases. The implication being, of course, that I had let her develop neck-jam in the first place.

I can't be the only mom who has packed the baby in the car and driven around for hours on end, just to get them to sleep. Well, I might be the only one who prefers to do that in cemeteries. Protip: you can drive really slowly and cover lots of miles, depending on how big the cemetery is. Also, free DIY history lesson!

Ahhhhh, sweet silence.

I can't be the only mom still wearing maternity leggings many months after the baby was born. Legit, I don't have time to go shopping for myself, and I'd rather buy cute baby stuff anyway.

I can't be the only mom who had to buy special pregnancy underwear because 1) my bump was huge and 2) my butt got so big.

I can't be the only mom who doesn't remember the last time she got to take a long shower. I'm pretty sure the last time I bathed was with my toddler, to boot. I hope I don't smell!

This is what I look like most of the time.

Real Talk Alert: I can't be the only mom who laughed so hard she peed herself, just a little bit.

I for dang sure I know I'm not the only mom who has let her legs go unshaven for literal months on end. (The only real upside to winter weather.)

I can't be the only mom who watched her kid take a header and said, "Well, I told you not to run."

I can't be the only mom who has just thrown clothes away if they were deemed too messy to handle. And I look forward to doing laundry! So it's gotta be pretty gnarly if I'd rather take a pass.

I'm totally not the only one, am I? Which of these sound familiar to you? Remember: we're all in this together. I'm alongside you in the trenches, in the muck and the puke. And we might as well get a good laugh out of this embarrassing mess while we're knee-deep in it.



How have you really embraced the hot mess mom-ness of young baby and toddler life? And really - when was the last time you took a long, hot shower? Tell me more @pi3sugarpi3


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