Volvo Poll Finds Most Parents Are Overwhelmed By Car Seat Guidelines

Shopping for a baby car seat can be one of the more stressful parts of pre-baby prep tasks for any parent. There are a plethora of brands and models, each claiming to be the best at protecting your newborn baby or toddler. Then there is the actual installation of the car seat, which is a daunting task. The process can be downright stressful and many times car seats may end up being installed improperly by parents who end up getting them checked out at a local fire department or police station which often offer seat installation checks, depending on where they live.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed about all the safety choices you are not alone. The Harris Poll conducted a survey on behalf of Volvo and found 92 percent of parents feel overwhelmed about researching child safety products. That’s the majority of moms and dads.

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The pressure can be overwhelming to make the right purchase. Whether you are reading reviews, drafting excel spreadsheets to compare different products, or listening to recommendations from friends and family, there is a lot of information out there.

The poll found, 65 percent of parents have new sources of worry from the sheer amount of information on safety products.  And no surprise here, they found that the number 1 concern when it came to safety gear for kids was the car seat. 71 percent of parents are overwhelmed just by the number of options out there and 58 percent found the topics frustrating.

Even after all of the research and coming to a final decision about a car seat, The Harris Poll found 32 percent of parents wish they had chosen a different car seat.

Parents polled said finding the safest seat, installing the seat, and keeping up with recalls were a pain to deal with, and in fact, less than half of parents polled are regularly checking the boxes for important information like expiration dates and checking to see when the child has outgrown the seat. The American Academy of Pediatrics recently updated their car seat guidelines.

1,083 parents in the U.S. participated in this safety poll and more than half of them, 55 percent, wanted to use a professional car seat installer.

If you are starting to research car seats you do not have the fret about the process. Car seat manufacturers by law have to follow strict guidelines to ensure your child’s safety. If you’re worried about installation you can always get your baby’s seat inspected by going to your nearest station which you can easily find at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website.


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