Cold Weather Reminder For Car Seat Safety: No Jackets While Buckled In

Temperatures are about to drop as old man winter comes barreling through, which means layers upon layers to keep warm. But those big puffy jackets keeping your child cozy could pose a danger in the car if you buckle them in with all of their winter gear still on.

A bulky coat can add inches of slack when buckling your child into their child safety seat. Parents should be aware of this as the weather turns cooler. You don't have to worry, there are still ways to keep them warm and safe especially as you hit the road for the holidays.

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Before you head out on your family road trip make sure you take off your child’s coat or jacket before they hop in the car seat. Winter coats shouldn’t be worn underneath the harness. It can cause it to be too loose and it becomes less effective if a crash occurs.

If you have smaller children, you can put a blanket over their little bodies to keep them warm. For older kids, you can turn the coat around have them put their arms through the armhole once they are safely buckled in their seat. This way the coat can serve as a blanket if it’s still too cold for them.

Your child’s harness should always be tight enough that you can’t pinch the webbing between your thumb and forefinger. If there is extra slack that means your child can move around and that's not good because it means that they are not as well protected as they should be.

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You can also store your child’s car seat carrier inside your house until you're ready for travel. This will ensure that the seat is at room temperature helping your child reduce the loss of body heat once they have to get into the cold car.

As we approach winter and the holidays keep these safety suggestions in mind. Things can get hectic when you are on the go and need to hit the road, but before you buckle the kids in, ditch the extra layers and buckle without the bulk. Make sure you share the knowledge with any new parents who may be unaware of this winter traveling hazard.


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