This Card Game Helps Parents Teach Social Emotional Skills To Their Children

Parents don’t always know how to teach social-emotional skills, but this card game makes it easy. Busy parents will also appreciate the powerful results from this simple activity that takes up only a small amount of time.

Jenny Woo, a UCI doctoral student in education and mother of three, was coaching company executives when she came up with the game. She noticed many of her mentees struggling with a common set of problems. They all held themselves back with the fear of failure, difficulty collaborating and delegating, and a reluctance to take on too much responsibility. Woo began to wonder if problems in her clients’ upbringing had caused these issues. She decided to address the root of the matter.

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The game’s goals include broadening critical thinking skills, encouraging empathy and responsibility, developing self-awareness, reducing social anxiety, and building vocabulary and academic language. These kinds of skills are necessary to prepare our upcoming generation for school, work, and life, yet our K-12 system still puts most of their emphasis on grades and GPA. As the world changes, the assets that support a happy, healthy life change too. 52 Essential Questions empowers parents to intervene early on so that their children will grow up equipped to become successful adults in the world today.

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52 Essential Questions has benefits beyond preparing our children to be competitive in today’s economy. The game also helps bring parents and children closer. Woo herself states that she feels more connected to her children and more confident in her mothering when she’s using the game. Spending time together and engaging in thoughtful discussion is a great way to bond as a family, and perhaps this game can encourage families to make that a regular habit.

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