Cardi B Celebrates Baby Kulture's First Birthday With New Song

Famous Rapper, Cardi B helped celebrate her daughter's birthday sharing a song she wrote for her daughter while she was pregnant.

Cardi B and her husband, Offset, celebrated their daughter's first birthday. Their daughter, Kulture, is just so perfect and we can't believe that she is already one. Cardi B shared a photo on Instagram that helped celebrate her daughter. The picture showed Kulture sitting on the island in their kitchen while smashing a purple frosted cupcake into Cardi B's face. The little girl had a few balloons behind her and one of them was a rainbow and the others made up the words, "happy birthday." Cardi B cannot believe that her baby is already one and she is sad that her daughter is going to turn into a toddler soon. Offset also shared a picture of Kulture on his Instagram sharing that he would "love her forever."

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The rapper, Cardi B, was not going to stop at just sharing a picture on her Instagram to celebrate her daughter's birthday. She also wanted to do something very special and personal for Kulture. While Cardi was pregnant with her daughter she wrote a rap and she wanted to now perform it for her daughter on her first birthday.  She was planning on recording it for her album, but she was sick and she couldn't get it recorded in time. She now wants to share her song with her daughter and the world.

The lyrics will touch any mama's heart. She shared how much she loves her little daughter even though she hasn't even met her yet. She shares that she loved her though she is not born. The video is just amazing. It features different pictures of Kulture from her first year of life. We watch her go from a sweet little newborn and she slowly turns into a little toddler. Cardi B even raps about how many people were very negative about her decisions throughout the pregnancy. She shared that "they brought opinions but nothing off the registry." She was obviously frustrated during her pregnancy about all of the critics commenting on every one of her pregnancy decisions.

Sweet little Kulture will love listening to the song when she gets older. She will always know how much her mother really loves her. We just want to say, Happy Birthday Kulture! we hope that you have an amazing year!

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