Cardi B Celebrates Her Daughters First Birthday And She Shares The Cutest Picture

Cardi B and Offset celebrate their daughter's first birthday by sharing pictures to Instagram of one-year-old Kulture.

Cardi B cannot believe that her daughter, Kulture, is already one! She doesn't believe a year has already gone by since she welcomed her sweet little baby in this world. Cardi B shared a picture on her Instagram at midnight of her sweet little baby girl. Kulture was smashing a cupcake in her mom's face and so Cardi B has purple frosting all over her mouth and lips.

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The little girl has a bunch of purple and pink cupcakes next to her on a platter. There are some cute balloons right behind her. One of them is a rainbow and the other balloons together say, "Happy Birthday." Cardi B is clearly very sad that her baby is already one and will slowly be turning into a toddler this year. It is really hard to watch your babies grow up.

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Cardi B shares Kulture with her husband, Offset. Offset also shared a picture on his Instagram to help celebrate his daughter's first birthday. He shared a picture of his sweet little daughter with a caption that said, "YOU ARE SO PERFECT LOVE YOU KK." The little girl is shown with a big sweet smile on her face that would make anybody melt!

We loved watching Cardi B as a pregnant woman. She certainly wasn't going to let society tell her that she was supposed to sit back and relax. She continued on with her normal life, debuted her album, performed with her obvious baby bump and only took off work a few weeks before she gave birth to her sweet little Kulture. She had planned to take only 6 weeks off before going on tour with Bruno Mars. She listened to her body and her body told her that she needed longer to heal and so she told everybody that she was postponing her tour. During her pregnancy she did get a bit of hate from her followers when she was clearly rocking her baby bump but was "twerking" on stage, the morality police came to the rescue. However, she never apologized for anything. She doesn't have to! You do you Cardi B!

It has been a joy watching sweet Kulture grow up and we hope that we get to see many more wonderful moments of the cute little family! Happy Birthday, Kulture!

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