Cardi B Is A Solo Mom: 20 Ways She Is Raising Kulture Now

Cardi B is a woman, an entertainer, and a mother who likes to do things very fast. One moment she is in love with her husband, her baby, and her new life. The next moment she’s issuing a statement that says she and her partner Offset are no longer together, as they apparently “fell out of love.”

And while a lot of fans seem surprised and confused by this statement (after all, they did look very much in love just a few short weeks ago), Cardi has already moved on in her life. She’s focusing on bigger things. She’s staying positive. And most of all, she’s keeping cool, calm and collected.

With that being said, Cardi’s life is going to change in more ways than one, now that she’s preparing for single motherhood. It’s safe to say that she probably didn’t imagine this would happen to her this time last year. But curveballs in life do happen, right? For Cardi, she’s got this. Hence, here is list of how she will be raising her daughter Kulture much differently, now that she’s a single mom.

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20 Her New Solo Mom Title

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Cardi B is an entertainer, a chart topper, a social media celebrity, a rapper, and now a single mother. It’s a new title that she will have to get used to and without a doubt in our minds, take very seriously. She announced her relationship with Offset is officially over on her social media account.

Cardi posted a video of her telling her fans, “I’ve been trying to work things out with my baby father for how many now. And we’re really good friends and really good business partners. We’ve got a lot of love for each other but things just haven’t been working out for us for a long time. It’s nobody’s fault. I guess we grew out of love.”

19 She Just Released Kulture’s First Photo

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For months now, Cardi has been pretty adamant about keeping her daughter Kulture’s privacy on lock; that’s why people are so surprised that she released the tot’s first photo shortly after she announced that she and Offset are separating. And from what we can tell, Kulture is definitely a very beautiful baby.

It’s no wonder that Cardi is so proud of the little daughter that she and Offset made and will raise together, during the good times and the bad. Yet, it does seem like we will be seeing a new side of Cardi B as a single woman and a single mom in the coming weeks.

18 Learning To Forgive And Forget

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As a woman, a mother, a sister, and a daughter, Cardi B wants to set a good example for her daughter Kulture. As tough as it will be, she will have to learn how to forgive and forget in order to work past her current issues with Offset. But we all know what kind of person Cardi is, right? When she’s got something to say, she will say it. Watch out, Offset!

Cardi once said, “When you hear my lyrics, you hear the shots that I throw at people. I throw shots because I always been the underdog. I got rejected so many times, and I say it in my lyrics constantly.”

17 Co-Parenting With Offset

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Now, no one knows what is really going on between Cardi and Offset right now. We can only guess. But Cardi will now be faced with a huge challenge in her life. She’s going to have to make co-parenting work with her baby daddy and soon-to-be ex-husband, Offset. She’s going to have to learn how to share custody of their little baby girl, Kulture.

In other words, no arguing, no slinging mud at each other, and no doing anything that would jeopardize Kulture’s happiness. Sure, their marriage didn’t work, but they will have to work even harder now to make sure that their post-relationship one does.

16 Dealing With All Of Those Sleepless Nights Herself

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If there’s one thing that is really hard on all parents – regardless if you are with your partner or single – is dealing with all of those sleepless nights. And now that Cardi B will have to share custody with Offset, she will have to deal with some of those sleepless nights on her own. Needless to say, it won’t be easy.

Sure, she has her family, her mom, her sister and her team of assistants and nannies to help her every step of the way, but it’s not the same when you don’t have your baby daddy to back you up during those 2am wake up calls from your baby daughter.

15 Being More Independent Now Than Ever Before

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Cardi has always made it pretty clear that she values being a strong, independent woman who doesn’t need anyone do tell her what to do or how to do it for that matter. She can work for herself and takes pride in cashing her own paychecks. After all, she got this far in her life through hard work, discipline, and taking responsibility for her own action. And now that she’s a single mom, she will have to work harder than ever before.

Cardi once said, “This is my work ethic: I do not want to raise my future kids where I was raised, and I know the only way to do it is working, working, working, working, working. I don't want to live in a small Bronx apartment. I don't want to have three kids that got to share one room.”

14 Dealing With Loneliness

Cardi B has a lot of people around her at all times, whether it’s her family, her friends, her fans, or her crew. And even though she’s surrounded by plenty of love and support, she will most likely feel pretty lonely right now, and that’s because the person who mattered the most is no longer by her side. Let’s face it, separating with your partner – whether it’s your husband, your boyfriend or your baby daddy – is never easy.

You deal with a lot of emotions, frustrations and heartache. Cardi might look like she’s got a tough exterior, but she’s a woman and a mother with feelings just like so many of us out there.

13 Don’t Talk Negatively About Your Baby Daddy

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We’ve said this before and we will say it again: Cardi will have to stay as positive as she can for the sake of her daughter, Kulture. She doesn’t want to be a bad influence on her. What’s more, she should take this as an opportunity to teach her daughter how to “rise above,” so to speak. Many parenting experts say that you should always commit to talking positively around the house and in front of your child, even when it’s hard.

According to Psychology Today, “Make it a rule to frown upon your children talking disrespectfully about your ex, even though it may be music to your ears.”

12 Keeping Offset Informed About Her Schedule

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 11: Recording artists Cardi B and Offset of the group Migos are seen leaving Prabal Gurung fashion show during New York Fashion Week at Spring Studios on February 11, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images)

Cardi B is one of the busiest women in the entertainment world right now. We know that and we visually see that through her multiple social media accounts. If there is one thing that Cardi can’t do now, it’s randomly hop on her private jet with Kulture and not inform Offset about their whereabouts. She needs to keep him informed about her ever-changing schedule, just like Offset needs to do the same with her.

They might no longer be together, but they will always be connected, thanks to their baby girl. It’s going to take a lot of adjustments, but we are sure Cardi will make it happen.

11 Making Joint Decisions With Him

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We don’t know just how much Cardi B is communicating with Offset these days (especially since she just pulled the plug on their marriage), but she will have to keep that line open one way or another. They have to be on the same page at all times, otherwise things will get confusing for little Kulture.

Childreninthemiddle.com writes, “Do communicate with your co-parent and make similar rules in reference to discipline, routines, sleeping arrangements, and schedules between homes. Appropriate discipline should be exercised by mutually agreed upon adults. Do keep your co-parent informed of any scholastic, medical, psychiatric, or extracurricular activities or appointments of your child.”

10 No Arguments In Front Of Kulture

This is going to be very hard, as things will definitely get emotional between Cardi B and her baby daddy Offset. And while there will be plenty of good times and bad times, she has to remember one thing: she needs to remain respectful and that no matter what happens between them, Offset will always be Kulture’s father.

With that being said, she shouldn’t have any arguments with him in front of Kulture. She also shouldn’t undermine him in any way. What happened in their marriage is one thing, but she will have to separate her ill feelings when it comes to how they will parent together.

9 Don’t Be A Spy

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Kulture is still a little baby girl so Cardi won’t have to worry about this for quite a few years, but many parenting experts agree that you shouldn’t be a spy with your kids and your ex. In other words, don’t try to get information out of them about your former partner. You don’t want to put your kid in the middle of your relationship with your ex. You won’t be doing yourself any favors.

Childreninthemiddle.com says, “Do not question your child about your co-parent, the activities of your co-parent, or regarding your co-parent’s personal life. In other words, do not use your child to spy on the other parent.”

8 Keeping The Negative Talk Away From The Media

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This might be the hardest part (especially since the tabloid media and gossip blogs are so prying), but Cardi will have to keep the bad-mouthing to a minimum. But, seeing as how she’s always making headlines, that might not happen. “When you’re famous, so many things are being thrown at you: so many gossips, so many problems, so many beefs, so much money, so much of everything, it just kind of drives you crazy,” she told People Magazine.

“And then when I see my daughter, it’s like a peace of mind. ‘Ahh, I do this because of you.’ It cracks a smile on the most stressful days.”

7 Agree On Boundaries And Behavioral Guidelines For Kulture

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Another thing that Cardi B needs to keep in mind is that both she and her baby daddy need to agree on boundaries and behavioral guidelines for their daughter. In other words, there shouldn’t be two sets of rules. Psychology Today puts it this way, “As much as they fight it, children need routine and structure."

"Issues like meal time, bed time, and completing chores need to consistent. The same goes for schoolwork and projects. Running a tight ship creates a sense of security and predictability for children. So, no matter where your child is, he or she knows that certain rules will be enforced.”

6 Don’t Accuse Your Ex – Discuss Instead

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If there’s one thing that Cardi doesn’t want to do (especially in front of her daughter), it’s accuse Offset of anything. Instead, she should discuss their problems in a civil manner in hopes that they can come to some sort of agreement.

Psychology Today says, “Never remain quiet if something about your ex's co-parenting is troubling you. If you don't have a good personal relationship with your ex, create a working business arrangement. Communication about co-parenting is extremely vital for your child's healthy development. No finger pointing or you-keep-doing-this kind of talk. The best approach when communicating is to make your child the focal point.”

5 She Is Staying Strong For Kulture

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While there’s no doubt that there are a lot of things that can be said about a person like Cardi B, one thing is for certain: she’s no weakling. And now that she is going to be a single mother, she’s going to have to be strong for the sake of Kulture. It won’t be easy, but it won’t be impossible either.

Now, that’s not to say that she has to fight the bad fight. Instead, she has to remain focused and not lose sight of what’s important in her life, and that’s her family and her beautiful baby daughter.

4 Will She Date Again?

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Here’s something else that is on everyone’s mind: now that Cardi B is single, will she date again? While no one knows what went on behind closed doors between Cardi and Offset, it’ll be interesting to see if she does give love a second try. After all, she’s young, she’s beautiful, she’s successful and she’s got so many years in front of her.

Cardi B is in her prime. But one thing she has to keep in mind is that when she does start dating again, she will have to choose a man that is willing to love both her and her daughter Kulture.

3 She’s Got Her Family To Rely On

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Thankfully, Cardi B has a huge support system in the form of her family. “I just want to learn how to be a mom. I want to enjoy every single second of it since I’m going back to work,” she told her followers.

But she was also feeling grateful to have family by her side to help assist. “This is [her mother’s] first grandkid . . . So this is all new to her again, just as it is new to me,” she added. “My sister has not left my sight at all. She’s such a good helping hand, and my dad, he’s just running errands for me in New York.”

2 Missing Kulture While She’s With Offset

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A lot of parents have this same feeling whenever they co-parent with their baby daddy or baby mama: they miss their child terribly when they are with the other parent. And for Cardi B, this might be the hardest part about having to share custody of her baby girl. That’s mostly because she is also very attached to little Kulture. She never wants to leave her side!

Back in August when her daughter was first born, she wrote on Twitter, “I’m sooo in love with my child. It makes me wanna cry. I don’t know what I did right for God to bless me with this beautiful, loving baby.”

1 What’s Next For Cardi B?

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Regardless of what happens between Cardi B and Offset, one thing is for certain: she’s not going anywhere, anytime soon. She’s one of the biggest rappers and entertainers in the music industry right now. Everyone is following her on social media, waiting to see what her next move will be.

Now that she’s a single mother though, it will be interesting to see how she will navigate her life, how she will try to keep her personal business behind closed doors and better yet, parent her baby girl. Watch this space. There’s so much more to come from Cardi B.

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