Cardi B Shares Adorable Photo Of Kulture Looking Exactly Like Sister Hennessy

Cardi B recently showed off a photo of her baby Kulture, and she looks like a spitting image of the pop star's sister Hennessy Carolina Almánzar.

In a recent Instagram post, artist Cardi B shared an image of her baby Kulture alongside a throwback photo of her sister Hennessey from 1995, and the results are uncanny. Not only are the photos taken at simmilar angles, but the babies are striking a similar pose!

"Bro this is weird, writes Cardi B in the post (that we edited slightly). "I gave birth to another Hennessy."


The pop star gave birth to Kulture in July, though both she and father Offset kept their baby out of the spotlight for a few months. In fact, the public didn't see any photos of the newborn until she was about five months old.

As for Hennessey, she's managed to stay in the spotlight without being overshadowed by her younger sister. In fact, the 23-year-old has been featured in shows like Love & Hip Hop and The Challenge: Champs Vs. Stars. Not only that, she plans to launch a fashion line sometime in the future. Interestingly enough, she was the inspiration for Cardi B's name, and the pop star admitted as much in a Tweet. Apparently, Hennessey was named after the alcohol brand after her father arrived at the hospital of her birth from a party where it was served. Because of that, people would refer to Cardi as Bacardi. While we're not sure either child understood the reference until they were older, it doesn't matter too much because when it came time to launch her career, she shortened the name and threw the B at the end, and thus a marketable star was born.

Speaking of names, while we haven't been given a meaning to Kulture's, we have been given an explanation of sorts. In an older post from July, the "I Like It" hitmaker revealed the name and the reason behind it, saying something else would have been too normal. That wasn't the only newsworthy item to come out from that specific series of photos. They actually garnered a lot of attention online as the then-pregnant Cardi B posed nude for the announcement.

Names aside, however, the resemblance between the nice and aunt is both undeniable and adorable. We're sure Kulture will be shown both photos side by side when she's older, and thanks to the internet, both will be preserved.


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