Cardi B Is In The "Leave Me Alone" Stage Of Her Pregnancy

Cardi B is in the “leave me alone stage” of her pregnancy and she is not afraid to let people know exactly how she is feeling.

In an Instagram post, the singer used a video to let her followers know she is getting very excited for impending motherhood. However, right now she is super pregnant, and really just wants people to leave her the heck alone. Cardi B is at the phase in her pregnancy where nothing fits, she is about to pop, and the only topics of conversation that interest her have to do with food.

The I Like It singer is expecting her first child, a baby girl, with her fiancé rapper Offset. She has not revealed her specific due date but she is in the late stages of her last trimester, and she let it slip that her daughter is due in July. Her current state of mind is all about the nesting phase right now. Cardi B explained to her fans that she really wants to be left alone; all she wants is to hibernate.

Another insight she shared with fans was about her fashion preferences of late. She just wants to be comfortable. Cardi B spats off an entire list of things that she does not feel like wearing right now. Shoes, a bra, and jeans are just a few examples of the restrictive clothing she is not feeling at this time.

Her whole rant is honestly quite justified. Plus, honestly she rants in a way that is not angry or hateful or complaining, she just straight up tells it like it is. Hey, at nine months preggo she can pretty much rant about whatever she wants.

Mama to be Cardi B kept her pregnancy a secret for a good portion of it. Despite rumors circulating that she was expecting, it was not until her Saturday Night Live appearance in March where her growing belly was on display that the news was confirmed. As she prepares for the arrival of her little girl, she is getting real about what she wants and needs at this time.

Who can relate to how the singer is feeling at this stage in her pregnancy? Let us know in the comments!


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