Cardi B Says You Can Have Career And Be A Mom

For women wondering if they can balance work with family, take heart. Rapper Cardi B is telling all the sistas out there that it can be done!

Mind you, Cardi wasn't exactly playing the inspiration card when the topic of motherhood came up on The Breakfast Club show on New York hip-hop FM station Power 105.1 on Tuesday. That's when she addressed her social media detractors who claim that having a kid will certainly play havoc with her fast-rising career, declaring those comments as disgusting.

Considering this is someone whose rap vocabulary has a gratuitous arsenal of four-letter words that can't be listed here, she certainly has a curious definition of what she considers disgusting, but still her reaction is worth checking out.

“It just really bothers me and it disgusts me because I see a lot of women online like, ‘Oh I feel sorry for you, oh your career is over,’ ” said the performer who first hit the charts in 2017 with the Billboard chart-topping "Bodak Yellow."

It's an especially telling situation and reaction, considering Cardi B is doing the media circuit pushing her latest album, ironically titled Invasion of Privacy. Mind you, this was the same star who used the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live to announce her pregnancy to the world, but perhaps that's a moot point.


What she finds mystifying about the social media hubbub is that she can't find a reason why she couldn't do both. There's plenty of evidence supporting her line of reasoning, as celebs like Kate Hudson, Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock and Liv Tyler have managed that feat. But then, like Cardi B, they can afford the help needed to satisfy both worlds.

There's also no indication that the baby's father, fellow rapper Offset, is planning to disappear any time soon. By all accounts, he'll be on hand to lend his support.

But at least she no longer has to deal with those pregnancy rumors anymore, which started circulating during the Super Bowl weekend, and was even a brief interview topic when Cardi B was strolling down the red carpet at the Grammy Awards.

That said, she's certainly got plenty of help and plenty of cash to raise a kid and work on followup albums. But the first order of business will likely be baby-proofing her Bentley.

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