The Benefits Of Cardio During Pregnancy

Exercise always promotes good health, although it may look different during pregnancy. In fact, aerobic exercise is actually very helpful in combating many of pregnancy's difficulties.

Expectant moms should select low impact aerobics where they can pace themselves. It is important to seek out proper education on pregnancy-specific safety as well as pay careful attention to the body's new limits. Dressing appropriately for the activity is also a must. Let’s break down some great aerobic exercises to do while pregnant, as well as some pointers on safety during pregnancy and what to wear:

Swimming is amazing throughout pregnancy. First of all, in the water, you're nearly weightless. Major bonus when you're carrying around more weight than you're used to. Swimming uses many of your muscles as you push through the water. The water is refreshing and soothing. Another wonderful aspect of swimming while pregnant is that you can continue it all the way through to the end of your pregnancy. Your bump won't inhibit your movements or put a strain on your muscles like it will begin to in other exercises.

What to Wear: A one or two-piece speedo. With a two-piece, your belly is free to expand.

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Yoga is one of the best ways to move while pregnant. It's a combination of movement, strength training, and stretching. Vinyasa yoga is full of smooth, low impact movements, practiced in a flow, so it's almost like a dance. It starts slow and builds momentum, finishing with deep stretches and a final resting pose, a perfect balance for you while you're pregnant. Yoga even helps prepare your body for labor and delivery, with its strength building and focus on the breath.

What to Wear: High waisted yoga pants, a sports bra, and a tank in a thin, loose, breathable fabric.

There's nothing like breathing the fresh air and enjoying nature's beauty on a hike. You can pace yourself and choose your difficulty level (but avoid very steep or complicated trails with your changing center of gravity). Pack sandwiches to satisfy your increased hunger, and don’t forget a water bottle.

What to Wear: Supportive shoes, athletic pants, a cotton top, and a light jacket.

As always, consult a doctor before engaging in any sort of physical activity while pregnant to make sure you stay safe, and to help you find the best fitness plan for you and your baby. Take it slow, and enjoy the benefits of movement and exercise throughout your pregnancy!


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