I'm Scared For My Children As They Grow Up In This World

I am not even 30 years old and so much has changed in my lifetime. I remember when I was little being completely enthralled when we could get a phone call and be on the internet at the same! I remember the dial up internet, the car phones, the brick cell phones, VHS tapes, and text-messaging was something that almost seemed impossible. When I was a Junior in high school somebody said that there was such a thing as being connected to the internet without having to attach your laptop to an Ethernet cable and my mind was blown. Social media wasn't really a thing except for Myspace, but people really didn't use Myspace that much. Now, you can browse the web right at your finger tips!

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This world is a tough place. Cyber bullying wasn't really an issue when I was growing up because I was never on the internet. Now, children as young as 5th grade have their own social media accounts. Children are growing up quicker because they have access to more mature media. Children are engulfed in screens and all they see is their peers with their perfect lives. I keep on hearing about children committing suicide, being involved with drugs and even school shootings all caused by bullying. As a mother, this terrifies me! Even if I don't give my kids phones, or don't allow them to be unsupervised on the internet, they still will be introduced to so much more than I ever was.

Just the other day I was talking to my sister-in-law about our high school experiences. She said she was surprised that so many kids know different brands of clothing. We never knew different clothing brands except for things like, Nike and Adidas. Now, young girls are requesting for specific brands all because they see celebrities on social media rave about the "next best thing." Kids are getting more "worldly" not because kids have changed, but social media is being shoved down their throats. Innocence is being taken from our kids at a quicker rate.

I am terrified for my children to go up. I am worried about their ability to access the internet without even trying. I am worried about them experimenting with drugs, alcohol and other substances. It is so hard watching kids grow up. You can do everything you can to teach them and raise them right, but they will do their own thing. This world is getting harder. I want to raise my kids to be strong and to fight against the bad! They need to be resilient to succeed in this world! I know there is a lot of good in this world too and I just really want them to be the good!


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