Carrie Underwood And Mike Fisher: 20 Facts About Their Marriage Fans Might Have Missed

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher are a gorgeous couple. Are they are as happy as they appear? There have been rumblings that the pretty country music sensation and her handsome hockey player hubby are moving closer to divorce. Hopefully, that's not true, because they have an adorable little boy named Isaiah.

Today, we're going to share a lot of interesting facts about this couple. We'll also look at the rumors and do some fact-checking. Once you've read this list, you'll have the inside scoop on Carrie, who rose to fame on American Idol, and Mike, who recently announced his second retirement from the Nashville Predators.

These two are a lot different in many ways. For example, Mike loves to hunt deer and Carrie's mostly vegan. However, they are both strong Christians. Plus, they are both attractive, humble and successful. Their shared values bring them together.

Very recently, Mike Fisher sang along to Carrie's new single, Cry Pretty, while he was driving. The video is online and it's really cute. He couldn't nail the high notes and it made his three-year-old son laugh. Carrie was the one who filmed him and posted the video on Instagram.

Now, let's learn even more about this clean-cut couple and their relationship.

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20 There Are Questions About Divorce

Via Pinterest

Every married celeb couple gets hit with divorce rumors. Sometimes, where there's smoke, there is fire. Is this the case with Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher? According to In Touch Weekly, which is known for its scandalous headlines, Carrie and Mike's love is definitely on the rocks.

An unnamed source reported that the couple is drifting apart because they've faced so many challenges lately.

Apparently, Carrie and Mike do love one another, but Carrie has been frustrated with their relationship and has reached "the breaking point".

Since Mike recently announced his second retirement from NHL's Nashville Predators, it's possible that he's focused on being at home more, or accompanying Carrie wherever she needs to be for work. If so, this couple may be able to get past the challenges and stay together. They have a little boy to consider, so they're probably doing everything that they can to make things work. There's a lot at stake.

19 Carrie's Accident Caused Stress

Via People Magazine

If you're a Carrie Underwood fan, you probably already know that she tripped on stairs outside her Tennessee home while preparing to take her two dogs out. She had the leashes in her hands when she fell and she ended up hurting her face badly. She also broke her wrist.

Carrie says she tripped. Her stumble led to a whopping forty to fifty stitches on her face!

According to People, Carrie didn't talk about the accident for a while after it happened because she wasn't sure what she would look like when everything was healed. Once Carrie started sharing information about the accident, people waited to see if she'd have a lot of scars from the cuts on her face.

18 Her Bass Player Introduced Them

Via People

According to the Bustle, Carrie and Mike were introduced by Carrie's bass player, Mark Childers. When the bass player, Mark, suggested bringing Mike to meet her, she wasn't too enthusiastic at first. This is because Mike Fisher was working in Ottawa, Ontario at that point in time, and Carrie was in the USA. She thought the long-distance thing would be too hard. Clearly, she changed her mind about not meeting Mike and the rest is history.

The fact is Mike is extremely cute may have weakened her resolve to stay away from a long-distance relationship.

He started with the NHL is 1999 and will wrap up his NHL career this season. Mike's estimated net worth is $30 million, so it's safe to say that he was quite an eligible bachelor when Carrie stole his heart.

17 They Married in Georgia in 2010

Via Countryfancast

Are you curious about Carrie and Mike's 2010 wedding? I did some research and it looked like a beautiful ceremony with all of the bells and whistles. Mike offered Carrie a stunning yellow diamond engagement ring on the 20th of December, 2009 and Carrie accepted it. In July of 2017, the couple celebrated wedding anniversary number seven.

According to Us Magazine, the couple tied the knot in Greensboro, Georgia, and then jetted off for a romantic honeymoon in Tahiti. The wedding itself was very fancy. The couple wed at Georgia's Ritz-Carlton Plantation Resort. Carrie chose a pink theme for her nuptials, so everything had a rosy hue, including ribbons and lights. Pink flower balls were suspended from the ceiling.

Carrie wore white. Her bridal gown was a princess-style dress from Monique Lhullier, which featured silk organza and Chantilly lace.

16 She's Not The Jealous Type

Via People

Carrie has her own thing going on. She's wildly successful, with an estimated net worth of 75 million bucks. She's beautiful. She owns a fitness/athleisure brand called Calia by Carrie Underwood. She's stated that she doesn't get jealous when Mike is away. She doesn't sit around wondering what he's doing. This is probably because she's a major country music star with so much to do.

Her lack of insecurity is attractive, as a lot of women who date pro athletes do worry about what their partners are up to while they are away. Khloe Kardashian is one example.

Sometimes, women who date elite athletes have good reason to worry, but there haven't been any rumors about Mike straying and he seems very devoted to Carrie.

15 Carrie Is Mostly Vegan But Mike Eats Meat

Via PeacefulDumpling

Carrie always looks fantastic and her "mostly vegan" diet may be the reason why. Then again, Mike looks amazing, too, and he eats meat. This is a big lifestyle difference between Carrie and Mike. It's something that they seem to be able to handle. Carrie stayed vegan during pregnancy and probably had to pay very careful attention to nutrition while she was expecting, to make sure that she got all of the mineral, vitamins, and protein that she needed.

According to Cosmopolitan, she enjoys Tofurkey sandwiches, tofu stir-fries and other healthy fares, such as oatmeal and fresh fruit, and tries to stay away from takeout. She goes to the grocery store all of the time.

She makes carb-heavy meals for her husband, such as mashed potatoes with salmon.

In the past, she tried to avoid carbs, but she's changed her approach a bit.

14 They Spend A Lot Of Time Apart

Via Tennessean

It's good that Carrie isn't the jealous type because this couple has to spend time apart on a regular basis and it's been this way for years, right back to when they were dating. The physical distance between them sometimes is part of what has been fueling all of the marriage problem rumors.

According to Nicki Swift, when Carrie and Mike were married for around five years, they had their baby boy, Isaiah, and their lives changed radically.

Carrie said that the honeymoon phase was officially over because they were dealing with diapers and all of the rest of it.

She laughed about it. She said they still love each other tons, but their life together is different now that they are parents.

13 Mike Is Messier Than Carrie

Via DailyMail

When Carrie married Mike, she had to adapt her "only child" ways and make room for Mike's stuff and Mike's messier ways. Carrie isn't technically an only child but her siblings were way older, so she often felt like an only child.

She once quipped that her hockey player beau was a good candidate for the reality TV show, Hoarders.

While she was surely exaggerating for comic effect, Carrie has had to learn how to live with someone else. Figuring out how to share space with another person was challenging for her.

According to Organizingla,  Mike Fisher loves to buy things but doesn't get rid of anything that he buys -- ever. Carrie tries to convince him to streamline his belongings sometimes. He had begged for more closet space in the past and she has been resistant to granting his wish. All of this is pretty funny.

12 Mike Denies The Rumors


Mike has addressed the annoying "marriage trouble rumors" by stating that he and his beautiful blond wife are happier than ever. Is he telling the truth? According to E Online, Mike is serious about his marriage and he isn't afraid to confront people who post gossip online.

He has indicated that the rumors came from a tabloid which isn't known for its superb journalism.

While celebs sometimes fib about the state of their marriages for the sake of PR, it's quite possible that this couple never had marriage problems in the first place. Time will tell if there's any truth to the gossip.

11 She'd Quit Music If He Asked

According to Taste of Country, Carrie loves Mike Fisher so much that she would quit music if he wanted her to. Her marriage vows were something that she took seriously. She thinks that keeping those vows is priority one. Apparently, Carrie and Mike's pre-marriage dates at Subway restaurant were truly amazing. The couple is still totally committed years later. Underwood is still a big Subway fan.

Carrie acknowledges that keeping the marriage going with two big careers and a child is tough sometimes.

However, her career is so successful that walking away from it would be very difficult. Mike's pro hockey career is now winding down, so the couple may have more together time in the foreseeable future.

10 Their Son Is Named Isaiah

Via Hayseedmagazine

Carrie and Mike have a little boy who's three and his name is Isaiah Michael. He's a Gemini like his dad and he seems to look like Dad, too.

According to Behind The Name, this boy's name means, "Yahweh is salvation". In the Old Testament, Isaiah is one of the major prophets and is regarded as the author of "The Book of Isaiah". This English Christian name has been around since the Protestant Reformation ended.

These days, little Isaiah Fisher is into Fraggle Rock. Carrie says he's fond of "classic" children's TV shows. Isaiah has also gone fishing with his father. The tot has already caught his first fish.

9 They Are Both Strong Christians

Via Countryforecast

According to Beliefnet, Carrie and Mike have a marriage which is Christ-centered. They are both strong Christians who try to live right. Carrie told a reporter that she and Mike were raised in Christian families.

Then, both got famous. Their experiences have given them plenty of common ground as a pair.

While they aren't the same in every respect, they share faith and share ideas about what a good marriage should be. Carrie often sings about her faith and she knows that some people don't like it, but that doesn't bother her, because she knows how easy it is to change a radio channel.

8 Carrie Has Dated Other Athletes

Via Gearlive

Carrie Underwood dated Tony Romo, who also dated Jessica Simpson. Some people get nasty by calling Carrie a "jersey chaser". According to Ranker.com, she dated Romo, as well as Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl and a doctor/personality named Travis Stork.

If Ranker's list is complete, it means she dated two athletes, one of which she married. The whole "jersey chaser" thing seems a bit over the top and feels like a form of "shaming".

Some people thought that Underwood wrote "Cowboy Casanova" about her ex, Tony Romo, but she has definitely denied doing so. Romo has a bit of a reputation as a womanizer.

7 He Proposed After One Year of Dating


Mike and Carrie started out their relationship by talking on the phone a lot and missing each other a lot. They could rarely be together because of their schedules.

She has said that it was actually "fun" to miss her man. It created a sense of longing that was really romantic.

Apparently, Mike felt just the same. After a year of dating, he proposed and presented his true love with a magnificent canary yellow diamond ring. According to Eragem, the ring came from Carrie's fave jeweler, Johnathon Arndt and has a five karat center stone. Carrie wears lots of jewelry from this designer on the red carpet.

6 He Taught Her How to Share

Via Oprah

Mike Fisher has opened Carrie's Underwood's heart. She used to have trouble sharing because she grew up with a sibling who was a lot older. She felt like an only child and only children are used to having things a certain way. What they aren't used to is sharing.

According to Woman's Health Mag, Carrie used to worry about guys and their conduct when they weren't with her. With Mike, it all felt different and she didn't worry.

She never got jealous. I guess she recognized that he was the right match for her pretty early on in their relationship.

It's nice that she found a guy she can really trust. I personally don't put much stock in the marriage problem rumors. Do you?

5 She Says She "Saved Herself for Marriage"

Via Pinterest

Suffice it to say that saving yourself for marriage isn't too common these days. According to Cheatsheet, this is what Carrie Underwood did. Jessica Simpson, who dated one of Carrie's exes, Tony Romo, is also reported to have saved herself for marriage. Jessica married Nick Lachey when she was 22 years old, after receiving a "purity ring" from her minister father at the age of 12.

Carrie married her dream man, Mike Fisher, in 2010. I'm sure she thought he was worth waiting for. Mike, who is Christian, was likely very impressed that she saved herself for marriage. Her commitment to her faith is very strong.

4 Carrie's Injury Changed Her

Via Zimbio

According to Hollywood Life, Carrie was laid up after she tripped and broke her wrist, and cut her face badly. While she was recovering, she had time to take stock of her life. She apparently realized that she'd been taking many things for granted, including her marriage. The same source also stated that the couple would clash sometimes before her injury, but that Carrie's injury helped to smooth things over and get them back on the right track.

If that's true, the horrible freak accident may have been a blessing in disguise.

Since the couple has a little boy, it's important that they make every effort to keep their marriage happy.

3 Carrie Was Mike's Second Serious GF

Mike is clearly someone who's discerning when it comes to getting involved with women. He had only one serious girlfriend before he met Carrie, according to Us Magazine.

It seems like Mike and Carrie fell in love really fast and felt incredibly happy to have found each other.

Carrie praised him in her liner notes for her record, telling him that she loved him and that he made her life better. Mike was grateful that she would do that for him. He said that life "off the ice" was wonderful. It probably didn't take too long before these two thought about getting married.

2 Is a Second Baby on the Way?


According to Hollywood Life, baby number two is now on the way! If so, and Mike and Carrie haven't formally announced the new pregnancy, it will be a blessing after all that Carrie's been through with her injury and recovery.

A source revealed that Carrie and Mike are "thrilled" to be expecting their second child. They have a three-year-old son named Isaiah. Carrie says she tries to get Isaiah around other kids as much as she can, because he's mostly with adults when she's on the road with him. A new baby will become a great playmate for her first child.

1 She Encouraged Mike to Retire


According to Us Magazine, Carrie wanted Mike to retire and tried to convince him to do it. He initially retired and was then called back. He heeded the call, but is now going to retire for the second time. Since the couple is often separated by distance, having Mike at home may be Carrie's dream.

Is Mike ready to play the role of "stay at home Dad"? That's a lot different from the life of a pro athlete. We'll see how Mike does with his huge adjustment to his lifestyle. He may get into business or become a commentator. Retiring doesn't mean that he's done working for good.

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