Carrie Underwood Discusses Body Acceptance After Having Second Baby

Carrie Underwood, 36, shared a candid caption on a recent Instagram post in which she wrote about her postpartum struggles. The country star, who gave birth to her second child with husband Mike Fisher in January, said that “bouncing back after having Jacob has been much more difficult than after I had Isaiah and [sic] I’ve been pretty hard on myself lately."

Though she says that she goes to the gym regularly, she isn’t able to run as fast or as far. “I can’t lift as much weight or do as many reps as I could a year ago. I just want to feel like myself again...for my body to feel the way that I know it can," she wrote

Underwood, who is currently getting ready for a sold-out North American tour, will have to balance motherhood with a very demanding performing schedule. The tour begins on May 1 and ends on October 31 and will visit nearly 50 cities. Despite her difficulty to get back in shape, the singer says she’s optimistic and refuses to analyze “every angle and every curve and every pound and every meal."

"I’m going to keep staying the path because it is a journey and as long as I’m always working towards my goals, one day I’ll reach them. I’m going to take it day by day, smile at the girl in the mirror, and work out—because I love this body and all it has done and will continue to do!" she added.

Underwood’s post has been praised by followers who can identify with the struggle of reclaiming their bodies after pregnancy. "Exactly the words I needed to read today," one wrote. "Thank you for your vulnerability! Body after baby (especially baby #2 😳) is so hard when you’re just ready to feel like yourself again," another added.

Underwood released her sixth studio album, Cry Pretty, on September 14, 2018. She performed "Spinning Bottles", a song from the album, at the 46th annual American Music Awards on October 9, and won the award for Favorite Female Country Artist. Cry Pretty debuted at number one in over 20 countries and number one on the Billboard 200. The singer is the first woman to hit the top of the Billboard 200 chart with four country albums. The album finished 2018 as the best-selling solo female album and the seventh best-selling album overall, with over 401,000 copies sold.

According to the Office on Women's Health (OWH), established in 1991 within the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), pregnancy and labor can have dramatic effects on a woman's body. After giving birth, most women will lose about 10 pounds right away and a bit more as body fluid levels decrease. The agency says that women shouldn’t expect or try to lose additional pregnancy weight immediately since gradual weight loss over several months is safer, especially for breastfeeding mothers.

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The OWH also recommends a healthy eating plan along with regular exercise to return to a healthy weight. For women not losing weight or losing weight too slowly, the agency recommends cutting back on foods with added sugars and fats, such as soft drinks, desserts, fried foods, fatty meats, and alcohol. They should also focus on healthy, well-balanced food options that maintain energy levels and provide the nutrients mothers and babies need for good health.

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