Carrie Underwood Shares Her Intense Post-Baby Workout Routine

Carrie Underwood shares her workout routine after recently giving birth to her second child.

Women's bodies go through a lot when they are pregnant. Their bodies go through a lot with 9 months of pregnancy, then delivery and then also recovering from the baby. Many women are excited to get the "all clear" from their doctors so that they get to start working out and getting their pre-pregnancy body back as soon as they can. Carrie Underwood delivered her second child, Jacob Bryan Fisher, a little over 4 months ago.  Underwood recently revealed that her body was not bouncing back as quickly as it had with her first child.

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Underwood decided that she was going to start a rigorous and intense workout program to help her get her body back. She wants to be comfortable again in her own skin and be more confident being on stage. On Mother's Day, Underwood shared on Instagram her intense workout and how she is getting her body back. Underwood shared that she starts her workout by doing burpees, "I did 5 of each for the first round with heavier weights, 12 of each for the second with slightly lighter weights and 19 of each for the third (today's date). I ran on the treadmill between sets."

Carrie shares that she is able to do her intense workout while looking after her two beautiful little children. All of her exercise activities can be done while at home so that she doesn't have to worry about going to a gym and taking her children to a gym. Therefore, anybody can follow her workout routine if they are ready to get their body in better shape. Underwood has been struggling with her body image after delivering her children. She gives a piece of advice for anybody who is suffering from their body image, "take it day by day, smile at the girl in the mirror, and work out because of [you] love [your] body and all it has done and will continue to do!"

We feel like it is important to note that no woman should feel pressured to bounce back right away after recently giving birth to their children. Everybody will get their bodies back at different times and some women's bodies might never be the same. Every mother's body is beautiful and they did an amazing job bringing a child into this world. Health is way more important than weight. You are beautiful!

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