Carrie Underwood's Baby Stops Crying When She Sings, Starts When Dad Does

It looks like Carrie Underwood’s baby knows a good singing voice when he hears one. As a matter of fact, the country crooner recently shared an adorable video of her 5-month-old baby Jacob Bryan making it pretty clear that he enjoys the sound more of his mother’s voice than that of his father, NHL player Mike Fisher.

According to Underwood’s Instagram account, she posted a short clip of her singing, along with her husband singing to their baby, too. But there was a huge difference in the way that the little tot responded to Underwood's voice, and the way that he responded to Fisher's voice.

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The husband and wife duo tagged-team while singing Vince Gill’s hit “I Still Believe In You.” While there’s no doubt that both Underwood and Fisher made a good effort in singing the lyrics of the song, little Jacob clearly favored one parent over the other. Whenever Underwood sang, her son can be seen smiling and cooing. But the moment that Fisher tried to sing the song to him, he began to cry. However, once Underwood took over again, his tears dried up while he looked at his mother. The little boy clearly enjoyed his mother’s singing over his father’s!

Underwood saw the humor in it and captioned in the post, “Everyone is a critic.” She also added a shrugging emoji and another emoji that depicted crying while laughing. What’s more, the chart-topper also tagged both her husband and Vince Gill in her caption.

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Fisher also said in the comments section that little Jacob’s crying perhaps had less to do with his singing, but the fact that he was hungry. Also, he pointed out that Carrie Underwood is the baby’s main source of food! He wrote, “The real reason is he was hungry and wanted your food.”

Whatever the case, many of Carrie Underwood’s fans from all over the world would agree that her singing could definitely stop any amount of crying. After all, her claim to fame is being the winner of the fourth season of American Idol back in 2005. Her debut single, "Inside Your Heaven” is also the only country song to have reached the number one spot during its first week on the Billboard Charts. It's only understandable that baby Jacob would love her singing over Fisher's.

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