Carrie Underwoods Says That Her 4-Year-Old Son Is "Living The Dream" While On Tour With Mom

Carrie Underwood said that her son is "living the dream" while he is on her tour.

Carrie Underwood appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and she was talking about her Cry Pretty 360 tour. Underwood was explaining that her 4-year-old son is full of excitement about everything with her tour. She decided that she was going to bring her two children on tour with her. She said that her 8-month-old Jacob is happy no matter where they go but her 4-year-old Isaiah has just loved every minute of the tour. Isaiah brings his scooter around with them and he just rides it around all of the venues. Underwood said that he smiles and talks to everybody because he is such a people person. She said, "he's living the dream."

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She has loved being able to travel with her husband and her two children. She did admit that traveling with little kids is "a big awesome mess." It has been a lot of fun and she likes knowing that she isn't leaving her family at home for months at a time. She knows that this is the best for her and her kids. Many people might think that life on the road is not the best for children, but Underwood makes sure people know that her children are absolutely loving every minute and Isaiah just goes around smiling while saying "hi" to everybody that he sees.

Carrie goes on to explain the first time that she ever went on an airplane. Underwood took her first flight 15 years ago when she auditioned for American Idol. She remembers how she saw that auditions were happening for American Idol and she thought "hey why not?" Underwood jokes, "it worked out alright." She said that it was a big difference from where she was from and what she was used to. Everything was very overwhelming and she even remembers how stressed out she was trying to figure out the airport and getting onto her connecting flight. Now, she is currently on her sixth tour and she loves every minute.

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