Casey Wilson Admits To Feeling "Helpless" Following Her Son's Diagnosis Of Celiac Disease

Comedian and actress Casey Wilson recently opened up about feeling like a complete failure when it came to her now 4-year-old son, Max, before finding out he had celiac disease.

Wilson explains that when Max had turned two, he began exhibiting symptoms of depression. Max wasn't interested in doing the things most 2-year-olds do and he was sleeping an excessive amount- sometimes 16 hours a day! Wilson reports that even his teacher noticed something was amiss when Max was more interested in laying down and watching the other children play rather than joining in himself.

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Wilson, 39, says that the strange behaviour didn't stop at melancholy. In fact, Max had outbursts of tantrums that were uncontrollable. Max was diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder and fine and gross motor issues at an early age. His mother shares Max even had a febrile seizure while in the car one day. "We thought we were losing him," she explained.

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Wilson's husband, David Caspe, never gave up hope that there was an explanation as to why Max was so different from the other children his age. Wilson, on the other hand, blamed nothing and no one other than herself. She became ashamed of her child and couldn't understand why motherhood was so hard for her.

When Max displayed strange/ intense outbursts, Wilson often found herself making excuses for him like "he didn't get a good night's sleep, his blood sugar's low, he woke up on the wrong side of the bed, he's a little shy, he's a loner, he's an indoor cat," etc. She even admits that she compared her son to an abusive alcoholic at one point (a comment that didn't impress the other mothers who had heard).

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Finally, after years of struggling, Max has been diagnosed with celiac disease in which his body doesn't process gluten properly and triggers a catastrophic immune response in the intestines. Max has since been on a gluten-free diet and is doing so much better! What had shocked his parents was that all of Max's symptoms fit the criteria for celiac disease.

Wilson is happy she followed her instincts that something was wrong and is relieved it wasn't something worse.

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