Pregnant Cassie Admits She’s Worried About ‘Losing Herself’ After Becoming A Mom

Singer Cassie Ventura Fine is expecting her first child with bull rider, Alex Fine, but admits she's worried that motherhood will take away her sense of self. With all of the changes that are occurring and now being in her third trimester, Cassie says she's trying hard to cherish every moment despite her fears.

Opening up in an interview with HATCH, Cassie says she's trying hard not to focus too much on her upcoming labour because she is nervous about the ordeal. The singer admits she's trying to stay positive by reminding herself that her body is made for the task.

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Cassie also explains that she has a birth plan ready, stressing her desire to have a doula to be her advocate so she doesn't need to worry about conveying her wants in the moment, but she also understands that things may not go according to plan. "The best advice I've received," she explains, "[is to] be open and prepared for anything to happen, so that's where my head is. I'm taking labour and delivery classes in about a week, so I'm sure I'll make more decisions after those classes."

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In addition to her very real labour fears, Cassie worries she will be so consumed in motherhood that she'll forget herself in the process; a very common symptom of new motherhood. She tells HATCH that she wants her daughter to see her being herself by continuing to make music and work on her business. She hopes that in remaining true to who she is amidst the changes and challenges new motherhood brings, she will inspire her daughter that she can do anything.

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The challenge of keeping your pre-baby self while juggling motherhood is something all mothers struggle with to some degree. By having another human completely dependent on you, prioritizing yourself can get to be a challenge. For this reason, a lot of new moms lose themselves for a while.

Self-care is very important for everyone, but especially new moms. Losing your sense of self because you are so wrapped up in your baby may not seem like a big deal at first but over time it takes a toll mentally and emotionally. Remember that being a mom is not all you are and be sure to do things that make you happy too other than taking care of your bundle of joy!

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