Cat Smothers Baby In Ukraine After Being Attracted To Infant's Milk


A Ukranian infant was smothered by the family cat after being attracted to the scent of milk.

This tragic story comes from the Ukranian district of Vinnytsia, where 9-month-old baby Alexandra is dead. She died of asphyxia after one of the family’s two pet cats smothered her while she slept.

According to The Sun, 22-year-old mother Snezhana left her child in a baby carriage outside while she performed some housework indoors. The family has two pet cats and when she returned, she found one of them lying on the baby’s face.

Snezhana screamed which caused the cat to leap away, but when she went to check on Alexandra she’d found that she had stopped breathing. She called an ambulance, but emergency responders were unable to revive the child.

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“There was a smell of milk, a warm place, the cat got inside the pram to warm up. The baby was well dressed, her arms were out. When we came, the baby was still warm…" said village paramedic Halyna Zakharchuk. “We found the baby in the state of clinical death. I ran there, the ambulance arrived quickly. We could not help… we were trying to resuscitate her for 30 to 40 minutes.”

Police guy
via The Sun

Local policeman Pavlo Darmorgrai confirmed the mother's story, adding that they had even sent the body to forensics for a full autopsy where they confirmed that the child had died of asphyxia. There were no additional injuries found on Alexandra’s body to indicate if there was a struggle or if the cat had dug its claws into the infant.

Police have officially ruled the death accidental. No charges are to be laid as both police and local villagers consider the situation an enormous tragedy. Alexandra was Snezhana’s only child with husband Alexander, who are now both distraught at the loss of their baby.

Let this be a lesson to cat-owners: keep an eye on sleeping infants in the presence of a hungry cat.

Source: The Sun

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