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14 Ridiculous Teen Dad Fails

It’s no secret that parenting is a lot harder if a woman's only a teenager. Countless teenaged girls and boys become parents every year, so a person might know a lot more teenaged parents than one thi...

15 Birthing Mistakes No One Wants To Share

Parents often think of something that they wish they could change about their birthing experience, no matter how small. Others are just able to recall the big moments. Many are just grateful for the e...

15 Myths About The Second Pregnancy Debunked

There are so many things in life that get easier with time, and feel like a breeze the second time round. From job interviews and cooking, some things just make more sense after doing it once already. Pregnancy is like this. Well, kind of like this.

15 Signs Something Is Wrong With The Baby

Babies, especially newborns, unfortunately, don't come with a manual or a translator. They can't tell their parents or caregivers straight out what they want or if there is something wrong. It is up t...

15 Useless Things To Skip On The Baby Registry

While I have four kids and some days feel like an old war veteran, once upon a time I was a new mom with my first baby. I was wide-eyed, nauseous and ready to spend all the money on all the things baby.

15 Of The Most Adorable Angry Babies

A crying baby can be challenging…really challenging. But there’s a moment at the beginning when the angry face appears. It’s adorable. It just so happens to get a little less adorable every minute the screaming and crying continues.

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