Baby Names

15 Blonde Baby Names For Boys

In high school biology class, we learned that dominant and recessive genes are the traits we inherit from our parents. These genes are the likelihood that certain characteristics will pass from parent...

25 Of The Best Winter Baby Names

Each season is beautiful. Individuals born in different months have different personalities, and each season holds a different life-path for our little miracles.

25 Perfect Names For Boys Born In Fall

We all want our child to have the perfect name for the appropriate time they’re born, it just adds a bit of fun and commemorates the occasion of the wonderful day they’re welcomed to this world.

25 Perfect Names For A December Baby

There is a certain kind of magical energy in the air. Whether or not someone's a fan of the holiday season, there truly is something so pretty and inspirational about the first flakes of snow, the lig...

25 Redhead Baby Names For Girls

Though it’s not possible to know what our children will look like before they are born, some families have suspicions due to genetic traits that run in the family line. Parents often guess what a chil...

15 Brunette Baby Names For Girls

The science of genetics is complex but simply put, there are factors that can determine physical characteristics. In high school, we learned that dominant and recessive genes are the traits we inherit...

25 Boy Names For A Little Superhero

While baby was in the womb, his father called him the Hulk. The couple had experienced a previous miscarriage, and their first superhero didn't make it. The hope was things would be different the second time around. It was. Hulk made it.

25 Girl Names Tanking In Popularity

Just as we have baby girl names rising fast in popularity, so too do we have those losing the popularity race. Every year oodles of name lists are published that celebrate the most popular baby names ...

15 Baby Name Predictions For 2017

It's hard to believe that another year is almost at an end. The year of 2016 has been a year of triumph, and a year of tragedy. The world cheered on beloved athletes at the Olympic Games in Rio and we...

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