15 Ugly Truths About Expecting Multiples

Every woman remembers finding out they are with child. For most women, it’s a positive pregnancy test after a missed menstrual cycle, followed by a sonogram showing one little baby in the womb. For ot...

15 White Lies Parents Tell Their Kids

A parent's job is never-ending; it surpasses a full-time work schedule into an ALL day work schedule, and it's one of the busiest, non-stop life choices that women make. This is mainly because, now, w...

16 Families Share Their Adoption Experience

The decision to have a child is a lifetime commitment, and one that countless people look forward to making. However, for many people, having a child in the traditional manner isn’t a possibility. Whe...

15 Truths From Teenage Moms

Pregnancy and motherhood are never easy, especially if it's a woman's first time around the block. However, things become even more difficult the younger you are when it happens. These moms share thei...

15 Truths From Moms Who Have Twins

They have a favorite twin. They struggle to breastfeed both of their babies. They compare their twins. But, no one else dare compare them! Welcome to the wonderful world of being a twin mommy.

15 Thoughts He Has Right After The Birth

Becoming a father. Now that’s something huge, to say the least. New moms get lots of attention when they become a mother. After all, they are the ones carrying and then birthing the little bundles of joy that are now in the world for all to see.

15 Hilarious Stories From Over Exhausted Moms

After having a child, parents realize that having a child can be flat out exhausting. However, many parents simply take the lack of sleep in stride. They realize that this is just a phase that will pa...

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