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15 Craziest Things Kids Have Choked On

A choking child is no joke. It's a medical emergency that requires immediate action. Hopefully, someone in the room knows how to perform the lifesaving Heimlich maneuver on the choking tot to get the item out of the airway fast!

15 Things That Make Breastmilk Toxic

"Breast is best" is a saying touted by pediatricians, baby advice books and helpful pamphlets. Breastfeeding has become more and more of the norm in recent years as research has shown how wonderful br...

15 Pregnant Body Smells Never To Ignore

Most moms know by now that during pregnancy, it’s likely that things are only going to get stinkier from here. Of course, some mild odor changes can be expected during pregnancy. Mom’s discharge may s...

15 Weird Newborn Quirks That Are Totally Normal

After the birth of a baby, most new parents feel a strong sense of relief because the baby has arrived safely; however, that relief can soon turn to worry once the reality of parenthood sets in.

15 Ways To Cope With A Preemie

Pregnancy is a wonderful journey that lasts 40 weeks and that takes all the mothers-to-be to experiences they’ve never felt before.

15 Weird Questions From Women About Labor

It seems that from the moment a woman is declared pregnant, everyone has advice. Everyone has something to say about what a woman should eat, how that woman should behave, and whether or not that woma...

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