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19 Ways To Have An Easier Birth

There’s no question about it: childbirth can be an uncomfortable and painful experience. The discomfort can vary from mom to mom, with the luckier ones describing their experience as “pleasant,” to others saying that it’s downright unbearable!

20 Parenting Practices From Around the World

It’s safe to say that the vast majority of parents try to be the best parents they can ever be. Practically everyone, after all, wants their child to grow up healthy and happy, with a bright and stable future.

15 Facts to Know About Abortion

Abortion. Whether you agree with it or not, it is still legally allowed in many places all over the world. When you go to get the info about abortion, you’re often pulled into the cross hairs of biase...

Is Crossfit Safe During Pregnancy?

Exercise is great for pregnancy. Adequate exercise can help you maintain great health, build your strength for pushing out your baby during childbirth and make your post-childbirth recovery a bit faster.

15 Ways To Prep Yourself For Weaning

It’s very well known that weaning can be stressful for baby. After all, you’re slowly withholding something that has been both a source of nutrition and a cause for comfort.

10 Most Unique Ways To Potty Train

For parents, potty training is pretty straightforward: tell the little one to use the potty when he needs to go. As additional motivation, diapers may be limited to night time. This can make for a lot...

10 Signs You're Ready For A Kid

We all know that kids are a huge responsibility. While many of us dream of having these little bundles of happiness and joy, the thought can sometimes be terrifying. A baby will, after all, change you...

10 Reasons Doctors Opt For C-sections

These days, doctors get plenty of flak for the rising rates of unnecessary caesarian sections in the Western World. Indeed, in the United States about a third of babies are born through C-section, a rate that most experts deem is excessive.

Back Labour: Things You Didn't Know

Almost all women will experience back pain while in the process of giving birth. This is because your baby will inevitably be putting pressure on your lower back. In addition, your back may already be...

Where and Why Stretch Marks Appear

Stretch marks are not painful or harmful and most people don’t want them and will do almost anything to prevent them. They look like bands of lines on the skin that appear in colors and textures that ...

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