Funny Things People Say During Labor

40 weeks of excitement! Joy, impatience, fear; these are only some of the emotions that new parents go through before they meet their special one, the little and better version of themselves. I'm even...

15 Mom's That Are Better Than You

15 Moms Who Are Better Than You

Facebook Mom Groups for a new Mom can be a lifesaver. There new moms find a community of other moms who are in the daily trenches of motherhood with them. Most of the women in these group are supportive and respectful of individual parenting styles.

15 Funny AF Things Women Did During Labor

The thought of doing anything but surviving through labor is hard to imagine. The pain, the constant medical attention, the worry, the excitement, the unknowns--they all seem to overshadow any pleasur...


15 Times Dads Ruined The Day With Fun

There are no shortage of dad fails on the internet. It seems like no matter where we turn, dads are doing something silly, stupid or just plain dangerous! But what is it about dads that leads them to such crazy antics?

15 Funny Failed Gender Reveal Announcements

The big moment has arrived where mom and dad get to reveal whether their sweet little baby is a boy or a girl. They want everything to be picture perfect and memorable for this occasion. Mom and dad's...

15 Most Honest Tweets From Parents

When a man and a woman become parents, they have an idea of what they're going to experience, but sometimes the reality is not as close to their ideal as they might hope. The parenting journey is beau...

15 Crazy Toddler Mishaps

Life with a toddler can be unpredictable, to say the least! Their boundary-testing knows no limits, which can lead to situations that are equal parts hilarious and maddening. Toddlers don’t seem to un...

15 Best Reactions Kids Have To Eating Lemons

It is super exciting when baby is showing signs of readiness to eat solids. We get our cameras out and collect endless amounts of video as they sample each new food. It can actually get pretty addicti...

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