15 Ways To Tell Him About The Pregnancy

It's only natural to want the man with whom you've opened up your heart to want to have children with you. But, sometimes that's just not the way the cookie crumbles. For whatever reason, there are me...

15 Things Moms Need To Be Doing

After the growing intensity of the mommy wars, it’s no surprise that people (both moms and non-moms) have fallen in love with the whole concept of “You Do You”. The whole idea behind this is that an i...

15 Baby Products Moms Want Recalled This Year

When a woman becomes a mother, this switch goes off in her brain, and everything she does revolves around her new little sweet pea. She worries about whether they're eating enough, breathing as they sleep, and saying enough words.

15 Celeb Daddies Who Inspire Major #DadGoals

An actor is carrying his wife’s breast pump parts around all night at the Golden Globes. The former president is speaking up about being weepy and struggling to assemble a lamp as his daughter moves into her college dorm.

15 Things All New Moms Do

Becoming a new mom—especially for the first time—is a major adjustment. Our bodies change, our relationships change, our sleep schedules change. Everything is changed forever. There is no going back t...

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