15 Ways The Baby's Kicks Change In 9 Months

There is nothing better than starting to feel the little one kick in the womb! It is a sure sign that, yes, indeed, there is a baby growing inside. Those movements remind us that soon enough we will have a kicking baby in our arms.

16 Things Moms Should Steal From The OBGYNs Office

Not many women can state with pure honesty that they enjoy a routine (or not-so-routine) visit to the OBGYN office. The long and short of it is that these appointments are downright uncomfortable and most women avoid these doctors like the plague.

15 Things That Can Stop Mom From Breastfeeding

So mom's new baby is here, and if she happens to be a new mom she will have so many questions and concerns, and that is perfectly natural. Even women who have had children before may still have concerns, but of course more so if moms are new to it.

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